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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Purrfect drivers enhance cat food campaign

"When selecting drivers for the new Nestlé Purina ONE Smartblend advertising campaign, all selected owners of the branded vehicles had to be cat owners who fed their cats a premium cat food," explains's Jeff Ostrom.
As this was a new product in this market, word-of-mouth marketing was essential to spread the word about the new upgraded offering. ensured that the cats of drivers were able to have first-hand experience of the product.

Drivers were selected to become brand ambassadors and have their cars branded in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg areas.

Word of mouth advertising

"To educate drivers, we hosted a training session where Nestlé explained the advantages and how the cat food is unique from a nutritional point of view. This assisted the drivers in sharing with people within their communities and started one-on-one quality conversations."

In order to experience it first hand, drivers were supplied with products to use for their cats and in turn, they spread the word about the product's benefits among friends, family and communities through one-on-one interaction and their personal social media profiles. As the drivers interacted with the public, discount vouchers were handed out, enabling them to register on the brand's website and receive a discount on their next purchase.

Audrey Birkenstock of Purino ONE says, "As a brand we were very interested to test drive the branded vehicle medium as an extension to our radio campaign. These vehicles act as moving billboards and visually remind people of the radio message they have heard, driving interested parties to the website to find out more about the product. We're looking forward to receiving great results at the end of the campaign."