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Gauteng colour codes ads? With our money?

NEWSWATCH: Gauteng's use of ANC colours in billboards and posters - supposedly to publicise the administration's work, but using ANC party colours - has raised questions, reports Mail & Guardian.
So, do the Gauteng ads show ANC's true colours? (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Mail & Guardian: Gauteng ads show ANC's true colours... Naturally, those responsible for commissioning and signing off the material will, hand on heart, swear the use of the colours is merely a coincidence/doesn't mean a thing/is a figment of the critics' imagination/addyourownerebuttalhere.

    Of course there will be denials of any underhand use of public monies - that's yours and mine - to promote a particular party, but it seems the Public Protector is taking it seriously enough, and according to the Mail & Guardian report "has decided to conduct a preliminary investigation into advertising billboards put up by the Gauteng ­province in ANC colours." Mail & Guardian also reports that the campaign is worth millions of rands, and "features billboards, street-pole adverts and building wraps trumpeting the work of various Gauteng departments. The adverts, in the ANC colours of green and gold with black writing, started appearing across Johannesburg in October."

    If, however, it turns out in the end that Thuli Madonsela does conduct a full investigation, and that such an investigation finds that the complaint (originally laid by the Democratic Alliance [DA] in Gauteng in November), is justified, then it will be yet another example, out of far too many, of misuse of your money - and mine.

    Of course, as we run up towards election time, we can expect political parties to take shots, cheap and otherwise, at each other - but it should not be with our money. That should go towards uplifting the poor, building and staffing schools, hospitals and the like.

    It wasn't that long ago that the ANC itself was very miffed with the DA for putting up a billboard (using its own money) with the message "E-tolls. Proudly brought to you by the ANC." Many people reckoned that is nothing less than the truth, merely pointed out the bleeding bloody obvious, and asked, "So what's the problem?"

    Depending on Madonsela's decision on whether a full investigation is warranted, and the outcome of such an investigation, the short answer could be: "Houghton... We DO have a problem."

About Rod Baker

Rod Baker is Content Director at A journalist since before computers, he worked on a wide range of magazines and, in his youth, rose through the ranks from being a lowly and abused sub-editor, to a high and still abused editor and publisher. He has been editor and publisher of a number of magazines, as well as a newspaper. He has edited many books, and written a number too. Email him at .
Nokuthula Sithole
Even me im not okay about using ANC bods are all over the streets they campaign on our side and house they put ANC on the papers that they give people, 3days ago they do on my places Ayi musa ukuqubela ngama amaqubu enye .We ANC we dont have bods on our street why the do that special DA on my side we not allow that ,Dont take advantage of us .they must take their bods be for crazy thing happens . NL Sithole
Posted on 17 Jan 2014 16:25
I agree with you that our money is used to fund ANC campaign. In Limpopo province on friday the department of transport was booking bus transport on behalf of the ANC for the ANC limpopo Manifesto Launch which was held on saturday at Tshikombani Stadium in Nzhelele.
Posted on 19 Jan 2014 20:38