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Carte Blanche complaint invalid

NEWSWATCH: A complaint against Carte Blanche by a company offering services to obtain visas has been ruled invalid by the BCCSA, reports The Citizen.
(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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  • The Citizen: Global visas complaint invalid - BCCSA... The complainant, Liam Clifford, the director of Global Visas, is reported by The Citizen as saying that the insert, broadcast on Mnet, "misrepresented him and was 'factually inaccurate' and that fundamental material was not put to him, thereby implying that he/Global Visas did not have a reasonable opportunity to respond."

    The BCCSA found, however, that Global Visas had been given a number of opportunities to respond, but apparently - according to the BCCSA - did not.

    There's a lesson here for anyone who ends up in the media and is given the opportunity to comment on, refute or otherwise react to any aspects of what has been compiled about them: Grab the opportunity while you can.

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