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'Fix My Biz' is a new, business-focused reality television series that documents the challenges facing a number of small businesses and, through the expert knowledge of consultants, provides entrepreneurs with practical advice to address their challenges. The show, supported by Nedbank Small Business Services, will air at 5.30pm on starting 15 September 2010 at 5.30pm.
The show portrays real businesses that are experiencing challenges faced by the majority of small businesses, making the series valuable. The first season showcases 13 businesses and follows the development of each business as the team of business consultants advises them on issues ranging from marketing, branding and production optimisation to effective fleet control, workplace ergonomics and financial management techniques.

"By getting to the heart of these businesses and offering practical advice and guidance on how to address the issues they are facing, we are effectively extending the services of experienced business consultants to all South African business owners. This should prove invaluable to any aspirant, new or experienced business owner and entrepreneur," says Sibongiseni Ngundze, managing executive of Nedbank Small Business Services.

"While each episode focuses on the challenges of an individual business, the practical advice will be of immense value to any other South African small enterprise as the tools provided via the show will equip entrepreneurs not only to overcome their own immediate business challenges, but also to position themselves for sustainable success and long-term profitability," he concludes.

Nedbank Small Business Services will also be launching an online portal giving small business owners and aspirant entrepreneurs a credible platform from which to network and obtain valuable information pertinent to their sector.
Business help-
How do i get my business helped by this program and so forth in the future by nedbank in funding
Posted on 27 Aug 2010 15:33
fix my biz Plettenberg Bay-
30 year old rustic Self-catering and Camping ResortPlett's best kept secret Slowdown Gardens Estatebought the resort as a going concern...but the cottage were stripted bare, all furiture and applicance soldafter 9 years of holding the place together with "tape" it would be a dream to do the Resort up in the style becoming to it
Posted on 5 Sep 2010 08:02
neville modise
How hard is it to to get funding for an idea if possible at all,compared to an existing but struggling business?Often we have great ideas but as young enterpreneurs we do not have resources and information to enable us to get to a point where we can apply for funding and actually be funded
Posted on 25 Sep 2010 11:03
Bianca Nagel
Please help!!!!!-
how do you go about filling in an application for help from the fix my biz group.Please i have a christian coffee bar and resturant in heidelberg gauteng and need help desperately. Please please
Posted on 19 Oct 2010 14:38
Fix My Biz-
I need help to fix my biz I have a Car sound shop we also do Vehicle window tinting and a couple more, however my business is not doing that well what can I do and what can you do for me PLEASE
Posted on 10 Nov 2010 10:35
fix my lounge/lounge-
How do I enter fix my biz. i run a bar lounge/furniture shop.?
Posted on 29 Nov 2010 18:13
SimplyBiz Team
Support for Fix My Biz-
Hello everyone,Fix My Biz is a reality TV show brought to you by Nedbank Small Business Services.Season 1 has now ended, and contestants may enter to be on Season 2 - dates for submissions have not been finalised as of yet. Fix My Biz only offer their services to businesses who are part of the show.The objective of the show is to interview "real" small businesses and identify where their challenges and successes lie. There is a panel of experts who provide practical advice going forward. These businesses that have appeared on the show went through a careful selection process as a result of advertising on Etv before the show and at the beginning of the show.For updates on the next season please join our network at , or Kind regards,SimplyBiz Team
Posted on 9 Dec 2010 12:46
Hi Emanuel,Fix My Biz (now called It's My Biz) is a reality TV show brought to you by Nedbank Small Business Services. Please email for submissions onto the show.Its My Biz only offer their services to businesses who are part of the show. For other business tips and advise please see the blog site,
Posted on 26 Apr 2011 09:21
Take Away business owners-
Fix My Biz (now called It's My Biz) is a reality TV show brought to you by Nedbank Small Business Services. Please email for submissions onto the show.Its My Biz only offer their services to businesses who are part of the show. For other business tips and advise please see the blog site,
Posted on 26 Apr 2011 09:23
Willie Barends
Small business hard Time with Local GovernmentIt is all about the Drakenstein Municipality in Western Cape who are undermining small business in our local Government. Our case refers to a situation where officials try to reserve tenders for established companies. The background for this is. The Municipality advertised a tender for Retreading of Tyres in early 2009. It is now August 2011 and the tender is not implemented yet. They rather cancel the tender .What happened now is that the Municipality buys rather new tyres for triple the amount then retreads in order pushing the agenda of these officials. The Municipality can retread the tyres but the officials manipulate the processes to implement their agenda. Their excuses for not awarding tenders timeously are, for three years now, that their computers have a virus or they do not have enough staff. They further try to kill small businesses buy not paying them within the guidelines of the national government. They are supposed to pay small business within seven days after services are completed and the necessary documentation is submitted. But they do not pay us which result in a situation whereby small businesses with a limited cash-flow are being killed by this negative behavior of officials. We have confronted them and their reaction reflects thinking that project that the politicians do not about corporate governance. The civil Department in this local government is trying to secure contract for a fraudulent tyre company who was found guilty for Tender fraud in the high court in Cape Town in 2009 who would like to investigate this and contact us please. We wrote a letter to the Civil Engineer Department on 2 December 2010 after numerous enquiries to the Administration Department we have not yet receive an answer in black and white. I have subsequently engage with the new local government in particular the Mayor’s personal assistant , The complaint Desk and the Local Economic Development portfolio holder but my experience with them is black owned small business does not have a future with the Drakenstein MunicipalityWillie Barends(Liassion) Puncture Shoppe
Posted on 14 Aug 2011 11:35