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With over 60% market share distributing 65 million pamphlets and 7 million newspapers per month On the Dot offer...

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Want maximum impact from your message?

On the Dot will put your message in just the right hands.

On the Dot provides access to demographically targeted consumer markets by distributing pamphlets and community newspapers nationally.

Operational since 1994, with an infrastructure that boasts 32 depots in South Africa with 6 over border depots in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia, On the Dot operations has grown from 240 to 360 contractors in the last two years, creating job opportunities for over 2900 runners.

With the highest quality delivery networks, On the Dot is able to offer improved and effective printed and promotional communication access to a targeted consumer market. On the Dot's demographic database and distribution footprint offers a reliable, accurate, efficient and cost effective direct marketing communication platform.

On the Dot has extensive industry knowledge and the latest demographic information using their experience and insight to assist with area planning when identifying target markets through the consideration of race, income, language and geographical location.

On the Dot's regional managers have specialist area knowledge, ensuring detailed area planning according to your target markets' needs.

In short this means you get:
  • Minimal clutter
  • Increased reach
  • Precision targeting
  • Flexibility of distribution dates and areas of targeting
  • No wastage
  • Cost effective media alternativeReach consumers through:

    With a total reach of 13,8 million homes in just three days, door-to-door distribution delivers leaflets, magazines and newspapers direct to the end consumer's home. On the Dot provides support through business skills training. All drivers and runners are placed on a strict supervisor training or runner training programme. On the Dot have doubled their quality controllers in the last year and spot check 214 paper waste companies

    On the Dot have the market intelligence required for your targeted marketing?

    Trust On the Dot research, case studies and a mapping programme based on information from various institutes to ensure On the Dot delivers your message to the right target market, eliminating wastage.

  • Census is the main source of On the Dot's database information with an overlay of various additional data sources.
  • On the Dot update demographic data at grassroots level - providing the most incisive demographics available to the industry.
  • On the Dot utilises Map Info to identify target areas based on a locale within a certain radius of the client's store or the demographics you wish to target - overlayed with geocoding statistics thereby ensuring precision.

    So if you wish to reach a specific target market cost effectively with limited wastage contact the On the Dot Sales Division in your region:

    Johannesburg: 011 401 5757
    Cape Town: 021 528 7920
    Durban: 031 577 7600

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