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Indigo Tree launch sees jacaranda trees swathed in scented ribbons

As a method of launching the new online fragrance site, Indigo Tree, Morrisjones wrapped rows and rows of jacaranda trees in designer-scented, purple ribbons.
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"What better way to launch the new site than by giving our favourite indigo trees a beautiful smell," says Angel Jones, executive creative director of Morrisjones.

The ribbons, specially designed not to lose their designer scent once exposed to the elements, gave the public the opportunity to smell the fragrances that are available on

People reportedly stopped to smell each ribbon and soon photos of the trees were circulating on social media.

Tukisa Oliphant, junior designer at Morrisjones, created the brand identity. "I wanted to create an icon that combined a beautiful tree graphic with a perfume bottle. The inner O of the logo is also representative of the online button that you press and is carried through on all material."
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