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Cross-promotion of Afrikaans dailies on KykNET

KykNet's new actuality breakfast show, Dagbreek, broadcast Mondays to Fridays from 6-8am, will offer a discussion of the latest news in the Afrikaans dailies, as presented by editors from the Media24 newspaper stable: Tim du Plessis, Waldimar Pelser and Mandy Rossouw. Their analysis of the day's events can be found in detail in the newspapers.
Wim Steyn, executive producer of Dagbreek, says that this discussion of the news is likely to find favour with viewers who want to be linked directly to what is being said in their local Afrikaans daily, before they turn to the paper for more detailed information. "It's a bonus to have such experienced journalists taking turns to give viewers their interpretations and making them aware of more than the contents of their favourite dailies."

Steyn's view is echoed by Heino Gehle, business manager for Afrikaans dailies at Media24, "Readers will always read their daily edition in more detail later in the day, but the teaser on TV definitely focuses their attention on what to look out for. We find it effective to promote one medium using another - and the discussion of the print news by experts is both instructive and entertaining."

This analysis of the daily news kicks off at 6.25am every weekday.
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