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Importance of conducting thorough, ongoing competitor analysis - new whitepaper

The London School of Marketing has released a new, free, downloadable whitepaper on the importance of conducting thorough and ongoing competitor analysis, entitled, 'Understanding Competitor Analysis in the Technology Age'.
It joins a host of other valuable resources freely available to existing and prospective students.

Competitive information

"Presently organisations operate in over-communicated environments that are loaded with excessive amounts of information and data," states the free whitepaper, available on the official website. "While technology has exponentially increased the amount of valuable information available, the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming."

Written in partnership with BQu Research, this whitepaper addresses the fact that most companies are willing to remain aware of relevant information regarding their competitors and almost all companies have a common goal of becoming the market leader in their industry. The challenge lies in how to use this competitive information to achieve that goal.

Common challenges

"If a company wants to be a leading player, it will need to a gain competitive advantage, which means it has to outperform in comparison to its competition," states its author. The paper then goes on to detail the common challenges, complications, objectives and solutions that should be considered when conducting a successful competitive review.

To download the free whitepaper, click here.

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