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Nando's launches 'election' campaign

In the run up to the 2014 national & provincial elections, Nando's is running with a campaign called 'Every Party Needs a Puppet', encouraging everyone to tweet an open letter to the leader of your party (or any other party for that matter) who is behaving like a Muppet, tagged with #HotOrNot.
It has an XX hot viral marketing team on stand-by to make sure the clever, honest and funny #HotOrNot open letters get the attention they deserve.

Election debate

To help raise the game, Nando's will be putting 'Party Finger Puppets' on its sauce bottles in the major supermarkets nationwide, so consumers can fire up the election debate at their next party/braai/dinner and give politicians the 'thumbs up' or 'the finger' wag they deserve.

"Being Nando's, we're fans of wit but we'd like you to keep it constitutional and avoid fowl language - but no kid gloves; you shouldn't be in politics if you can't take the heat. Oh, and please do not tweet when you are 'on the sauce', unless it is Nando's," says the campaign.

Get you Party Puppets

"Why are we doing this? The fieriest political debates often happen at the kitchen table and Nando's, as the sauce of democracy with a heat to match every party, is often there adding our trademark spark and comedy. No politician has ever had us in their pocket (we have too much bottle) and now it is your turn to show SA you are no puppet.

"We will be delivering 'Food Parcels' and Nando's sauces with our signature Party Puppets to the authors of the most retweeted #HotOrNot open letters every day until elections."
Richard Gee
Great idea. I want the set, but unfortunately I dont use their sauces.
Posted on 2 May 2014 13:11
Andrea Fuge
Poly Puppet - Citizen No 1Malpit Muppet - Little Red RoosterBlu puppet - Carnival GirlBirds of a Nando's feather, flock to perch at polling stations to preen.
Posted on 4 May 2014 20:40
Andrea Fuge
Dear Helen,I wish to allay your concerns regarding your competition in the upcoming elections.Poly puppet seems to have taken over the reins from Winnie and is building a army, time consuming and distracting.Mostly Poly sits on a perch and bounces up and down making an awful racket, which is unintelligent. Also circling the wagons for said army at Nkandla, reminiscent of the past history of SA.The little Red rooster, crowing before alarm clocks jolt us awake to greet the morning with bleary-eyed confusion, rooster strutting around and disturbing the peace, they are not in the least bit endearing.However Blu, as a majestic macaw, you dance beautifully in time to your songs (I love your lyrics), a little out of tune, you are forgiven.You can perch at the polling station and revel in your beauty and awesomeness.Wishing you all the very best.Yours sincerely,A fellow feathered friend
Posted on 5 May 2014 10:01