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Successful campaign case study on Russian Bear

A case study on the success of the Russian Bear #UrbanExpressions campaign is available online. It traces the campaign launched by Social Seed on 1 October 2013 to celebrate urban street culture and the brands target audience.
The process involved the company researching up-and-coming artists who they felt were in line with the brand and its target market and then conducting an internal screening. It tracked down 10 ambitious local South African artists, who were then asked to interpret and express their understanding of urban culture onto limited edition black bottles. Equipped with freedom of creative interpretation and a few cases of the brand, the outcome was a collection of 10 uniquely designed bottle masterpieces.

Socially active

A dedicated mobile friendly website displayed the entire creative journey of the campaign, including interviews with the artists and the process of their designs and artwork on the bottles. Image galleries were updated and videos were made available to the increasing fan base that was following the campaign. Twitter interviews were held, where the community was allowed to ask the artists questions in real-time and put out exclusive content to the fans on their Facebook page.

This site also facilitated community voting for the top artists, with over 3600 votes cast. All promotions for the campaign were facilitated through the brand's social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

During the campaign, the brand saw a fan increase of 23% with the campaign creating 1.6 million impressions online with an average engagement rate 60%.

View the campaign case study video

Russian Bear Urban Expressions Case Study from Platinum Seed Digital Marketing on Vimeo.