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Marketing opinion

The true value of social media marketing for your business

Businesses can benefit from social media in many different ways. If you have your own business, then it is very important that you understand some of the main benefits that come along with these types of sites.
To help, we are going to go over a quick overview of some of the main reasons you should give social media a try.

Wider reach

The hardest part of running a business is getting enough people interested and convincing them to purchase your products or services. Well, with social media, you don't have a limit on how many people you can be exposed to, increasing your chances of converting those followers.

There are billions of people using social media sites every single day, so try and reach as many of them as possible.

Low cost marketing

Marketing can cost a small fortune if you only use paid advertising. So if you are on a low budget, using social media sites can be extremely cheap. If you are willing to do all of the work yourself, you could actually get all of your traffic for free from a good social media strategy.

There are also paid advertising options on these sites as well, but they are not necessary to make use of the sites.

Multiple strategies

There are so many different ways that you can attract your traffic. From using images, videos, other posts, follower interactions, and plenty more.

You can pick and choose which ones will be the best way to attract your target demographic. Before you start your social media campaign, you should already know what kind of audience you will be trying to attract.

To figure out which demographic you should go after, do some market research and then use that knowledge to figure out who would be most interested in your products or services.

Targeted traffic

So once you figure out what demographic you will be targeting, you can then easily get targeted traffic to your site. There are multiple ways to target the traffic. An example would be to just post content that would be relevant to your niche and that would attract your target audience.

The more content you post, the more people you will attract. If you only post that targeted type of content, it will only attract that specific audience.

SEO benefits

Businesses create websites to increase their online presence and attract more customers. As you probably already know, search engine optimization is one of the biggest aspects of having a business website.

You can easily use social media to your advantage to increase your rankings. Since social media sites bring in a lot of traffic, that itself will help your rank. Along with that, there is the sharing aspect that could bring you plenty of links as well as the chance to go viral. There are other SEO benefits that help your site, but these are just a few examples.

There are so many other ways that you can use social media to your advantage and help your business.

About Ness Garcia

As a non-fictional writer, Ness is glad to be able to provide so much useful information to people all around the world. She's been writing for over 5 years now and also majored in English during her time as a student. Currently, she writes for and loves it.
    Anton Ressel
    Anton Ressel
    Sorry but this article tells us nothing that we do not already know, and in fact much of it is idealistic and speculative. To make social media really work for you, requires focus, effort and lots of money, end of story.
    Posted on 3 Feb 2014 14:07
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