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Picture [im]perfect?

NEWSWATCH: Marie Claire's Kate Middleton cover has raised a bit of a storm... in a teacup, believes Dr Julie Reid, a Unisa lecturer who has done research in pop culture and visual communication. It seems that what editor Aspasia Karras calls a "hyper-real illustration" has got some people hyper-active, according to a report in Mail & Guardian.
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For more:

  • Mail & Guardian: Kate's cover version: Faux pas or fair play? Some people have called the cover a "a bit tacky" but let's face it, if a magazine's cover is supposed to attract attention, this one certainly did - though some might say not necessarily for all the right reasons.

    There's an asterisk next to the cover legend referring to the image, and the associated note in small type at the foot of the cover: "*Of course she doesn't. But she should".

    So, just as when reading a contract... so too with a cover, in this case... It pays to read the small print.
  • See also...Marie Claire gets the royal treatment... after a fashion
Lize Sadie
honestly, this is the worst cover i've ever seen. sad. this is SO not what kate would ever wear, terrible interpretation of her style and a slap in her face
Posted on 19 Jul 2012 13:34
Georg Knoke
Shame on you MC for this tacky and cheap advertising disaster! Surely you can do better than 'plagiarising' a famous face on SA clothes!!!!
Posted on 19 Jul 2012 16:12