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EasyDIY goes online

Publisher, Wag the Dog, has launched the portal, which aims to provide practical and useful information and advice that will grow a participative community of DIYers. The site's primary content pillars are Make, Maintain, Restore, Improve and Garden.

Research underpins offering

The company commissioned market research that proves that South Africans are ready for an accessible and inspirational source of information. Of the 15,000 respondents surveyed, 54% search for new ideas to improve their homes and look for special offers, 70% agree that it is worth paying more for quality and 55% clean and maintain their own pools. A majority of the respondents agree that the most important room in the house is the kitchen. DIYers are green supporters.

The survey revealed that when it comes to doing things, the most important are painting 55%; general repairs 36%; restoring 27%; plumbing 16% and tiling 15%. While DIY is a national pastime, men take most of the doing while women share, with men doing, the buying. Research shows that 80% of the audience are homeowners from urban areas, 20% from the rural areas, 55% of these are male and 45% are female. The target market is LSM 6-10.

Easy to navigate

The easy-to-navigate site allows a user access to tips, hints, plans and projects that will assist in improving a home. Beginners, intermediate or skilled DIYers, can use the site. Visitors have access to projects graded according to difficulty; handy tips; safety rules and more.

The site creates an online community of users who want to know what to do, how to do it and what to buy. This community will share ideas and tips through 'Ask Eddy'. There will be experts to guide and advise users on making, repairing, maintaining, restoring and improving homes.

By registering, DIYers gain the benefit of a newsletter personalised to suit their interests. There will be a calendar of events including the popular DIY Divas programmes and association news will be updated. The user also has access to before and after pictures of projects as well as downloadable videos.

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