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New website encourages independent content from young creatives

To encourage independent content from South Africa's young creatives, designers, fashionistas, musicians and small business owners, Jameson's innovative new content platform, the INDIE Channel, will soon be screening the best-curated creative content.
Created by Native VML, the website is already open for submissions, with the first full feature viewing of the best set to air in Johannesburg and Cape Town in January.

Ryan McManus, executive creative director of Native VML, explains the idea was sparked by Jameson's need to reaffirm and differentiate its niche brand positioning in the marketplace. "It is an independent brand, so to ensure it remains part of the cultural conversation whilst retaining its edgy brand identity, we've created the Indie Channel framework - a platform where South Africa's independent content can be showcased."

Promoting content

Until now, this remarkable content has been sporadically placed mainly on personal Facebook pages, blogs, YouTube and even offline. "Why not then let all this amazing content - created by the people for the people - exist together, allowing it be seen and appreciated by an even bigger audience?"

Apart from the best independently curated content including music videos and short films submitted from around South Africa, the channel will also feature six additional independent shows filmed by the agency's crew and Motion City Films. After the regular live screenings, shorter snippets of the show will be placed on the website, Facebook and YouTube.

"The campaign also ties in well with the agency's mantra of creating purpose driven work that lives in people's lives as it not only showcases the country's talent, but also engages in vibrant conversation with the audience to capture the popular culture zeitgeist," concludes McManus.

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Lebo Mukansi
Its a great idea, but the user experience for mobile stopped me dead in ny tracks, I doesn't render properly. Its a shame.
Posted on 18 Jan 2014 13:41