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Look after your employees, and they will look after your customers

We've all heard it before and were taught throughout varsity that customer service is the cornerstone of every business, small or big. Moreover, if you don't look after your customers, you might as well close shop. Without customers, especially paying ones, you literally do not have a business - and good customer service goes a long way to ensure your customers will come back.
First things, first. Your employees! Did you know that your employees are as valuable to your business as your customers? Are you meeting and exceeding their expectations? Well, think again. Your employees, who are your internal customers, need to be treated with the same respect as your other paying customers, who are your external customers. These customers are not only employees, but if cared for, nurtured and respected they can be great ambassadors for your organisation.

When these customers are looked after, they have the potential to take your business to the next level and bring you much-needed revenue. When your employees are happy they transfer that energy to your external clients. You will not need to worry about retaining them, your internal clients will go the extra mile to making sure that they make and keep you happy.

Happiness breeds happiness

When you make your internal clients happy, they also strive hard to making you happy and what better way to thank you than that of making sure that your business flourishes and runs smoothly, whether you are there on not. They take initiative, and go the extra mile showing you that they are happy, they care and that they want to see you succeed.

And that is how I came to fantasise about working for RamsayMedia. I also became tempted to fling all my salary into booking myself in at the Cape Grace Hotel. It was thanks to word of mouth - not from their advertising or newsletters - but from their happy internal clients, their employees. I have made it my mission to share the happy stories I heard from those employees everywhere I go. Now, if we were to put a monetary value to those people with whom I have shared the story, how much would it have cost these two organisations to let me know about them and the services they offer... you do the maths.

Customer service is as important to your paying customers as it is to your employees. And if you want to know if your employee is happy or not, it's not very hard to find out, just look at how they treat your customers.

It's as simple as that, unhappy staff equals unhappy customers. Know your employees; after all they represent you and your organisation.

About Nthabeleng Meso

I have been in Cape Town since 2003 to pursuit my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I founded Mesong Web Design & Marketing Solutions, which offers web design and development, graphic design, marketing consulting and supply of marketing material. The company believes there are several solutions to challenge, hence its mantra: "Bringing You Light". Not limited to entrepreneurship, I am an athlete, a writer and a blogger inspired by the beauty and challenges of everyday life. Follow @MesoNmeso on Twitter.
Frank Phiri
This is an important subject. Turns out that in recession, when inflation is eating into customers pockets, and they cut on how much of your service or product they consume, not easy to make every employee smiling to the bank!
Posted on 31 Jul 2012 14:02
Bheki Mdhluli
This is one part of the process most organisations tend to ignore and one of the most important parts of the whole system.When we get jobs we get happy but do we stay happy and motivated in the organisation after a few years so that we are able to represent the organisation properly because "unhappy staff equals unhappy customers". When we part of the organisation we want to feel and give our best not to be made to feel like cogs-mechanism that has to be used to make money and left over to be used another time. I believe organizations should make it a culture of having an ongoing internal communication audit to provide solution and to get employees talking so they free
Posted on 31 Jul 2012 16:43
shelly van zyl
Thanks for the endorsement, Nthabeleng! And as a RamsayMedia employee, I can vouch for the positive working environment and caring culture here.Maybe we should talk - perhaps we can fulfil that fantasy you have. :)
Posted on 31 Jul 2012 17:03
Nicolette Mandelstam
Such a brilliant article. Happy or unhappy "front-line" employees can make or break the most thought-through, brilliant campaign or strategy. Take "provide the best customer service" strategies and campaigns of any business: top management makes this a core focus, but as the message filters "down", it gets diluted and if employees are unhappy, none of the wonderful ideas reach customers. Employees must buy into products, services and strategies so that they feel accountable for making it work.
Posted on 31 Jul 2012 17:34
Nthabeleng Meso
Hi Shelly, I am open to having a conversation with you. My email address is Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts on this topic.
Posted on 1 Aug 2012 20:15
Bethany Davies
Amen to that!!!! This is an article for every boss, owner, manager or the like to take note of...too many times people focus on the people outside of their business whilst losing sight of what is the most important facet of their business....their staff.They are your biggest brand ambassadors and if not treatedly properly, can become your biggest weakness.
Posted on 7 Aug 2012 10:26