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One million like, follow SuperSport

SuperSport's social media sites hit the magical one million fans mark through the combined "likes" and "follows" of its four accounts, two each on Facebook and Twitter. An estimated two-thirds of followers do so via Facebook with one-third following via Twitter, with each account and page offering something different.
SuperSport's social media presence has been boosted by the integration of Facebook and Twitter across its broadcast platforms, making it far more appealing for sports fans.

Happy Ntshingila, chief executive of SuperSport, paid tribute to the legion of supporters on social media. "We need to say thank you for being part of our conversation. The thoughts of our fans made our product so much better."

While it was still early days in integration, initial success meant that more shows would include more elements of social media. "We've a long way to go, but it's really working. The viewer has become part of the editorial and can even influence a show, making them part of a far broader experience than before. People engage with us constantly and we listen to what they have to say."