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Unpacking TAMS Panel changes

From Monday 10 December 2012, SAARF TAMS (Television and Audience Measurement Survey) will use the DStv audited figures for weighting the DStv penetration, PVR penetration within DStv and the bouquet percentages within the DStv and M-Net analogue universes on the TAMS panel. Audited DStv updated subscriber numbers will be included in all future bi-annual TAMS Universe update for weighting purposes only.

Old TAMS excluded DStv

When SAARF first started measuring DStv viewership on the TAMS panel about 11 years ago, DStv penetration was growing at a rapid rate. This resulted in the Establishment Survey AMPS (All Media and Products Survey) lagging behind in its measurement of the penetration. At the time, MultiChoice supplied SAARF with audited DStv subscriber data to be used in the weighting.

(The standard subscriber number audit is based effectively on a customer count, which is not the same metric as households. In order to get to a "proxy" for private households a number of filters are applied to the subscriber numbers so that they best reflect the TAMS Universe).

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