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Manufacturing Indaba 2018 wants to get in your head

Starting today, Monday, 19 March 2012, we invite all our readers to complete our reader survey so that we may understand your needs and continue to be your no. 1 source of daily B2B news and information.
The first 1000 readers who complete the survey will each receive a one-month subscription to iMaverick - the iPad-only daily magazine with everything you need to know about South African and global business, politics, sport, art and lifestyle.

The short survey consists of 38 questions, mainly multiple-choice, and is divided into three parts: reader demographics, internet usage and product preference. It shouldn't take more than 5-7 minutes to complete. All survey submissions are strictly confidential.

The research information will be used to gather quantitative and qualitative information about the Biz communities and how you, our readers, interact with us - our portals, newsletters and niche social network (My Biz) - and will help guide the additional product offerings coming later this year

Take the survey here: Bizcommunity Reader Survery 2012.

The closing date is 30 April 2012.'s press office