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Mann Made Media introduces Lefatse Vehicle Solutions to SA

With the recent formation of Lefatse Vehicle Solutions - the result of a partnership between Boitumelong Holdings and Ros Roca Group - a leading manufacturer of waste equipment in Europe, Mann Made Media was tasked with developing a creative identity for the new brand.
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It is the only fully black-owned waste company in the country, and has a unique offering which Mann Made was tasked to bring to life with a comprehensive publicity campaign. In addition to creating marketing material for the brand and securing placements for articles in industry magazines, the agency assisted Lefatse in setting up its stand at the annual WasteCon event, which was held in East London. Mann Made also coordinated the official launch of the Dennis Eagle Elite 2 truck in Kyalami, at which several international partners within the company, as well as other key industry stakeholders were present. The vehicle was parked at the venue, and guests were invited to experience the unique technical and safety features first hand.

"We are really excited to be working with Lefatse, and exploring an industry which is new for Mann Made Media," says Mann Made CEO and founder, Shayne Mann. "Lefatse has embarked on a great journey, and we are thrilled to be associated with them."

Lefatse has also approached the agency to continue the PR campaign for the next six months.

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