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Enhance your digital publication with interactive elements and better engage with your readers

Publishers who optimise their content by making it rich and interactive will help increase their content value and simplify their digitising workflow without compromising the actual content. There have been increases in adoption rates from readers who prefer content that is more engaging as opposed to static. It enhances their reading experience on their smartphones and tablets.
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Realmdigital takes full advantage of all technologies that mobile devices have to offer. We are passionate about creating great user experiences and have launched a content conversion service designed for publishers. Whether you would like to make your magazine interactive with adverts and videos or simply convert books to eBooks, Realmdigital will ensure that your content is transformed fast and cost-effectively allowing you to meet your audiences' expectations for timely and relevant digital content.

Some of the publishers already working with the company include FNB and Quivertree. Real Meal Revolution publishers Quivertree, teamed up with Realmdigital to provide them with content conversion that would enable them to distribute this overnight success healthy eating plan digitally and without physical or geographical restrictions. The FNB Private Life digital publication has been enhanced with interactive elements by Realmdigital and digitally published by digital publishing partner, Snapplify. View the FNB Private Life Project.

With your own publication in mind, take a look at just some of the advanced features you could add to your publication to engage on a much deeper level with your readers:
  • Hyperlinking Table of Contents or Glossaries - Each item in the table of contents links to its relevant page, making for easy navigation.
  • Pop up links - Link to useful websites for more information within the app.
  • Pop up images - Insert Pop Up images to encourage further engagement with a subject.
  • Embedded or Streamed Video and Audio - Add video and audio enhancements to your publication; great for advertising.
  • Clickable Galleries - Show multiple images and allow the reader to choose which to view.
This is just a small part of what you can do with your digital publication; contact us if you'd like to know more about enhancing your digital magazine, newspaper or book.


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