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WordPress plugins for user-generated content

User-generated content refers to any kind of content submitted by users or consumers. Such content could be in form of blog posts, social mentions, reviews, comments and forums.
Accepting user generated content on your site will help build reader loyalty, as well as enhance your search engine rankings. In addition, such content in form of testimonials can significantly influence the buying decisions of prospects.

WordPress offers several awesome plugins that make it easy for users to register, login and post content on their site. Here are some of the plugins you could consider installing:
  1. WordPress Custom Registration Forms

    This is a premium WordPress plugin which enables you to add extra form fields during registration. You can use this plugin to build custom registration forms for user roles such as contributors, editors, authors and subscribers. It can also help you gather relevant data that could come in handy later for your author profile pages.

  2. WP User Control

    You can use this plugin to insert a widget on your site with a register form. When visitors sign up using this form, they are able to log in and post content just like registered users. This plugin, which also comes with a password reset tab, allows users to login without leaving the web page.

  3. WordPress User Photo

    The WordPress user photo plugin is very easy to use. It allows registered users on a site to upload their profile photo. All the photos uploaded must be approved by the admin first before they get published. This plugin also allows you to use template tags to choose where the photo will be displayed on the page.

  4. Quick Post

    This widget makes it possible for users to post content quickly from anywhere on your site. However, this only applies to registered users. The quick post widget is very flexible and allows you to customise options such as Defaults, Style and Permissions.

  5. WP User Frontend

    With this plugin installed on your site, users will be able to post content from the front-end. This saves them the inconvenience of having to visit the admin area to submit posts. In addition, the WP User Frontend plugin enables you to accept payments for submissions through PayPal.

  6. WordPress Guest Posts Plugin

    Guest posts are very important for building strong relationships with your blog readers. This plugin gives your unregistered guests the chance to submit posts without having to register first. Once the post is submitted via a form, the admin can then review and approve it as necessary. The plugin allows authors to get credit by displaying their name.

  7. User Submitted Posts

    This plugin allows you to create a simple form using a shortcode or template tag. Visitors can then use this form to post content on your site, as well as upload multiple images. You can choose whether submitted posts will get published immediately or saved as drafts. Other settings can also be customised via the Admin Settings section.

About Charles Mburugu

Charles Mburugu is a web content writer who has a passion for topics such as ecommerce and user-generated content moderation.