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Find local lyrics on new South African website

Nine80 Digital Media, which owns platforms such as Youth Village,, Botswana Youth etc has recently launched a local lyrics platform that covers hip hop, Afro pop, Motswako, rock, Afrikaans music, R&B, kwaito, house, reggae etc.
The platform has a simple search functionality that allows users to search its database for any local song lyrics by artist, by song title or by song lyrics. The platform a music player that enables users to play the song while reading the lyrics and checking out a weekly chart of trending songs. It is also has social media integration for easy content sharing for users to send to friends and people in their networks.

Use-generated content

Built on the notion of user-generated content, the community enables users to write lyrics to their favourite songs and submit the lyrics to the site. Users also have the privileges to correct lyrics.

"We are excited about the initiative, as we believe that it will add value to music fans from a knowledge and entertainment perspective. In instances where music lovers struggled to access lyrics, now they will have an available pool of local lyrics content readily available. We also believe that artists will benefit from the initiative, as this will give them more exposure from fans inside and outside South Africa. We believe that a more lyrically savvy audience would facilitate the success of shows and concerts and we would like artists to help us grow the platform by sending us their lyrics for publishing on the site," said founder Bruce Dube.

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Richard Gee
Just checked and they only have 2 Afrikaans artists listed. Perhaps they should add more artists/songs before they announce themselves.
Posted on 26 Jun 2014 15:52