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#MusicExchange: Daniel Baron

Daniel Baron had a stellar 2017 and moves into 2018 with a wonderful new summer single called Summer Sun with Euphonik. Daniel is a South African award-winning, chart-topping singer/songwriter/producer with 15 radio chart hits and five number ones to his name.

By Martin Myers 11 Jan 2018

#MusicExchange: Jonathan Rubain

Jonathan Rubain is starring in his own production now, called Cape Jazz is Lekke! which runs at the Baxter Theatre complex till 13 January...

By Martin Myers 27 Dec 2017

#MusicExchange: Timothy Moloi

Born and raised in Soweto, Timothy Moloi has seen his critically acclaimed debut album Love That Music nominated for two SAMA Awards...

By Martin Myers 20 Dec 2017

#MusicExchange: Chantal Stanfield

Chantal Stanfield is a Cape Town-born actor, singer, dancer, voice-artist and stage and television performer. She graduated with a BA in Theatre and Performance in 2005 from the University of Cape Town. Now she stars in her one-person show, a hilarious comedy...

By Martin Myers 18 Dec 2017

#MusicExchange: Timo ODV

DJ, producer, song writer and singer, Timo ODV has had a stellar career, with hit song after hit song in the last two years. He has sold gold in SA and says: "Either you like my music or you don't".

By Martin Myers 13 Dec 2017

#MusicExchange: Tamara Dey

Tamara Dey has won numerous accolades and was the driving force in the band Flash Republic for over 10 years, but that project is taking a break as she concentrates on her solo work.

By Martin Myers 5 Dec 2017

#MusicExchange: Kyle Sheperd

Kyle Shepherd is arguably one of South Africa's leading progressive pianists, composers and bandleaders of his generation.

By Martin Myers 28 Nov 2017

#MusicExchange: Latheem Gabriel

Latheem Gabriel is an artist who has been writing music since the age of 16. He is trained on the violin and guitar and considers his music social, global, and self-conscious.

By Martin Myers 22 Nov 2017

#MusicExchange: Billy Monama

Band leader and guitarist, Billy Monama has just released his debut album Rebounce - the album plays like his auto-biography and tells of various significant landmarks in his life.

By Martin Myers 15 Nov 2017

#MusicExchange: Spencer Proffer

In an exclusive interview with Bizcommunity, we speak to an extraordinary man and talent, international music and media producer, Spencer Proffer. Spencer is visiting South Africa this week to produce a groundbreaking new way to expose a film.

By Martin Myers 7 Nov 2017

#MusicExchange: Sean Koch Trio

The Sean Koch Trio call themselves a folk, acoustic, reggae, ambient, singer-songwriter band with three band members, namely Sean Koch, who's guitar and vocals, Shaun Cloete, who's bass, lead guitar and keys; and Ross Hillier, who's on drums and percussion.

By Martin Myers 31 Oct 2017

#MusicExchange: Jarrad Ricketts

Jarrad Ricketts is a singer-songwriter and performer based in Cape Town, who is making great strides within the music industry.

By Martin Myers 24 Oct 2017

#MusicExchange: Colin Sher

Colin Sher (DJ Cosher) is a man on the rise. Sher studied sound engineering with a focus on music production, but after freelancing for a few years in his small home studio, he built a full-scale recording studio to fulfill his aspirations as a music producer and entrepreneur.

By Martin Myers 16 Oct 2017

#MusicExchange: Craig Hinds

Craig Hinds is the singer and leader of the seminal acoustic rock band Watershed. When the band's debut single Indigo Girl surged up South Africa's charts back in 2000, it was hard to predict just how successful the group would be, but over a decade after the release of that first album, Watershed is striding ahead.

By Martin Myers 11 Oct 2017

#MusicExchange: Auriol Hays

Authentic and sincere are but a few words that best describe Ms Hays musicality.

By Martin Myers 3 Oct 2017

#MusicExchange: Dan Shout

Dan Shout is a respected jazz musician based in Cape Town. His professional career spans almost 20 years.

By Martin Myers 27 Sep 2017

#MusicExchange: Rubber Duc

Rubber Duc is a fresh South African four-piece band made up of Nick Jordaan, Brendan Campbell, Sheldon Sham, and Amiel Gopal. The Duc sound is fun and authentic, with cheerful, catchy melodies and clever lyrics that stick in your mind and songs that make you want to dance.

By Martin Myers 20 Sep 2017

#MusicExchange: Mr. Mallum

Mr. Mallum is one of the freshest producers to come out of SA, having started his musical career in 1995.

By Martin Myers 13 Sep 2017

#MusicExchange: Marcela Arciniegas

Colombian songwriter and music producer Marcela Arciniegas is in Cape Town for the first time and will be speaking at Music Exchange on 9 September 2017.

By Martin Myers 7 Sep 2017

#MusicExchange: Loui Lvndn

Loui Lvndn, (pronounced “London”) is a singer, song writer, rapper, performing artist, visual artist and writer.

By Martin Myers 30 Aug 2017

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