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Fotolia's second digital art contest an international showcase for creatives of all types

From 10 January to 10 February 2014, digital artists from around the world are invited to unleash their creativity and challenge the ten artists featured in the second season of Fotolia's TEN campaign.
TEN is an educational campaign led by international stock photo agency, Fotolia, which showcases ten digital artists from around the world over the course of ten months. For its second year in a row, Fotolia's TEN campaign has shared the work of digital and graphic artists worldwide, by allowing users to download the source files, allowing them to learn how the artworks were created.

The contest

Fotolia's TEN contest invites digital artists - professionals and aficionados alike - to challenge the year's artists on any one of the season's creative themes, for a grand prize worth over R100,000 which includes a number of prizes and an international promotional campaign assisted by Fotolia.

Participants have from 10 January to 10 February 2014 to sign up via Facebook: and post their art work, using a minimum of three of the Fotolia images used by the artists during the campaign.

Over 1,200 artists submitted artwork for the original season of TEN's contest, which saw over 40,000 Facebook "Likes" and mentions to over 250,000 people. This second round promises to be even bigger, as the TEN campaign continues to grow in popularity.

Global recognition and prizes

Internet users around the world will decide on the winners by selecting ten winners - one for each theme - who will then be put through to a jury comprised of the TEN Season 2 artists, Fotolia staff, as well as members of TEN production partner, Gang Corporate. The grand prize winner will receive an international promotional campaign worth over $100,000 USD and the chance to see his or her work published in prestigious international design magazines, and gain international recognition, as well as the following prize package:

First Prize:
- 1 Wacom Intuos Pro M Special Edition tablet
- 1 Adobe Creative Cloud 1-year subscription
- 1 Westcott Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit
- 1 Westcott 30" 5-in-1 Reflector
- 1 EIZO Color Edge CG246 24.1 inch Monitor
- 1 Exaprint LED light box
- 1 Template Monster template (single site license) + 500 USD worth of customisation services
- 1 "monthly" subscription on (100 downloads per month) for a year
- Full TEN Collection S1 and S2 packs

The other nine category winners will each receive:
- 1 Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet
- 1 Adobe Creative Cloud 3-month subscription
- 1 Westcott reflector
- 1 Exaprint painter's canvas 100x100cm
- 250 Exaprint gecko flyers 10x15cm
- 1 Template Monster template (single site license)
- 1 Fotolia 3-month "monthly" subscription (25 downloads per month)
- The TEN Collection S1 and S2 full packs

The results of TEN Season 2's contest will be announced on the event's Facebook page on 19 February 2014.

Find out more about TEN by Fotolia:


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