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Tune into Biz Takeouts Radio Show on 2oceansvibe Radio today at 9am with show host Warren Harding (@bizWazza). In this week's show he speaks to Pete Case from GLOO (@glooniverse) and Duncan Wares from Hg80 (@_Hg80).

Listen to the live stream in:

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Digital opinion

Five great innovations in 2013

The exciting thing about the digital world is that it's ever-evolving... You never know who is going to come up with what next, and it's quite scary to look back and see how much innovation has taken place over the past decade. All I'm still waiting for is a self-driving car... (video)
Let's have a look at some of 2013's nifty innovations and inventions that made life just a little bit better...
  • Pebble smartwatch
    The Pebble smartwatch, compared to a traditional watch, has a customisable face that is similar to a desktop's wallpaper. This clever piece of technology notifies the user of any activity that's happening on their smartphone, for example emails, incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts, tweets and Facebook alerts. It runs internet-connected apps and links to smartphones through Bluetooth. Oh, and don't forget that you can actually view the time on there too...

  • Google Chromecast
    As more and more people are starting to use their TVs to consume video content, and the majority of TVs being internet-connected and built for consumer demanded content, Google's Chromecast was bound to be a winner. This little dongle device costs US$35 and basically turns any TV into a smart TV. Simply plug it into one of your TV's HDMI ports and enjoy streaming online music and video to your TV, using your smartphone or tablet as your remote.

  • 64-bit mobile phone architecture
    With the launch of Apple's iPhone 5S in September this year, it became the brand's new flagship phone with a custom A7 chip (ARMv8-based) and 64-bit architecture, powering the phone - reportedly a first for a smartphone. Even though the noticeable differences the A7 processor brought to the iPhone 5S wasn't that much, 64-bit architecture is part of a much bigger picture that we will see unfold in future. Basically, without boring you with too much detail, 64-bit architecture positions Apple perfectly for the coming convergence of desktop and mobile.

  • Leap Motion Controller
    Another great USB accessory for Windows PC and Mac... The Leap Motion Controller, plugged into your PC and placed on a flat surface, senses how you move your hands - from the angle of your palms to the amount of fingers you are holding up. You can point, wave, reach and grab, which means playing games, designing, and even reading your newspaper just got even more exciting. Pretty cool.

  • iBeacon
    Apple has switched on its iBeacon solution across its US stores which sees over 400 million visitors each year. When you walk into a store you can choose to receive notifications (messages and discount offers). With iBeacon, Apple aims to guide visitors once they are inside the store to do anything from collecting online orders, see what's happening in-store, read product reviews, upgrade your phone or buy accessories. It reportedly provides apps with "a whole new level of micro-location awareness, such as trail markers in a park, exhibits in a museum, or product displays in stores".
Come on 2014, we can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!


About Ilse van den Berg

Ilse is the editor for Marketing & Media Africa (@Biz_Africa) at Bizcommunity.com and a contributing writer for the Bizcommunity Lifestyle section. She is a lover of words, travel and all things digital. ; @ilse_vdberg
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