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New Windhoek campaign underlines men who are 'Made of the Right Stuff'

In its new brand campaign, focusing on men who are 'Made of the Right Stuff', Windhoek has selected as its first ambassador, mountaineer Sibusiso Vilane, the first black African to scale all seven of the world's major mountain peaks and the first to successfully summit the world's greatest and most revered mountain, Everest. As an ambassador for the brand, he illustrates the inherent values of the brand's new marketing campaign.
The new adverts focus on men who are 'self-made, hardworking, respected and inspiring South Africans'. The adverts form part of a larger movement, which sees individuals from all walks of life unite under Windhoek's Pure Beer Society banner.

Proud beer heritage

Alan Roberts, Windhoek marketing manager explains, "We have always been proud of the fact that our beer is brewed in line with the Reinheitsgebot - the oldest food law dating back to 1516, which stipulates that beer should only contain malted barley, hops and water. We subscribe to this law, as we believe this is the most authentic way to brew 100% pure beer.

"The brand has stayed true to the Reinheitsgebot, never compromising the vision of the pioneering founders, who in 1920 showed great courage to brew beer only in the purest way and in the most challenging of lands, a desert. To this day, every bottle is made in the same way, the right way - and is now enjoyed by lovers of pure beer across Africa and the world.

"Looking at the principles of the brand's founders, still upheld today, the idea was born to recognise individuals of the same calibre, men of substance who have the courage to be true to themselves. We tell the stories of several different men, all of who are self-made, inspirational men, men who are 'Made of the Right Stuff'," he concluded.

The campaign also sees the launch of the Pure Beer Society, a society for pure beer drinkers and for men who identify with the concept of 'Made of the Right Stuff'. This is centred on an online portal, which celebrates the brewing and drinking of 100% pure beer, and includes stories about inspirational men who have stayed true to themselves. For more information, go to