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Fotolia joins Pinterest's image attribution program

As the newest member of Pinterest's image attribution program, stock image provider, Fotolia, is reportedly delivering substantial improvements for stock photographers and illustrators whose work appear on Pinterest. Images in the stock image provider's collection that are pinned to Pinterest will now be labeled as a Fotolia image and include image information.
These identifying characteristics include the Fotolia watermark on each image as well as three links: one to the picture itself on Fotolia, another to the artist's portfolio, and another to the Fotolia website. These features make it easier for people on Pinterest to go directly to the image on Fotolia to download it and use it as royalty-free content for all their creative needs.

"Thousands of images from our photographers and designers are to be found on Pinterest already," explains Soeren von Varchmin, vice president: Business Development Fotolia. "This feature creates an increased awareness of our contributors and enables them to use one of the most frequented online services as an attractive platform for the promotion of their pictures."

Says Kent Brewster, software engineer and attribution program lead at Pinterest: "Every day on Pinterest, millions of people discover new images that interest them. By joining our attribution program, Fotolia ensures that Pinterest users are connected to the best information about the Fotolia photographs they find. The integration also helps connect the photographers to new potential customers."

"Photographers and illustrators contributing to Fotolia will definitely benefit from this new feature on Pinterest," says Arne Trautmann. The German lawyer specialized in IP and Media Law is one of the most successful microstock photographers (alias Kzenon) with more than100,000 images sold on Fotolia so far. "Pinterest is very stylish and full of visual attractions, thus I have been using it for quite some time to get inspiration. Now that the source of each pinned Fotolia picture is attributed automatically, our creative content can be tracked easily and we've got the chance to draw new people's interest to our portfolio."