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Rhino the newsmaker... press club gored

NEWSWATCH: 2012 saw news around Marikana, Zumaville, Julius Malema and the school textbook crisis, but the National Press Club decided rhino in South Africa was the 2012 Newsmaker of The Year - and that led to some strident criticism, reports Times Live.
White rhino in the Kruger National Park. (Image: Esculapio, via Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Times Live: Press club gored on Twitter over rhino newsmaker pick... What is happening to our rhino is terrible, and the issue has been at the forefront of news right through 2012. It is also an emotive issue that has energised people, which is perhaps why the National Press Club made the choice that it did.

    Critics, however, have taken the club to task, given the other news topics of 2012 that made headlines... Marikana, taxpayers' monies being spent on Zuma's compound at Nkandla... Julius Malema, our king of bling, being booted out of the ANC... the school textbook crisis... There were a few topics vying for top spot, so it must have been a difficult choice.

    So, what would your choice for Newsmaker of 2012 have been?

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