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Mandela's daughter speaks to CNN's Robyn Curnow

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Nelson Mandela's daughter Maki talks about her father's suffering in the final months of his life.
Robyn Curnow
Speaking to CNN's Robyn Curnow - the only international journalist to broadcast live from Nelson Mandela's funeral - Maki asserted that while his medical team treated him with dignity and respect, his death came as a relief after the agonising struggle his health had faced.

"There were times I was telling the doctors I think enough is enough," she said. "As doctors they had their duty to try everything up to the last moment, but for me as a daughter it was excruciating watching that."

Maki also talked about plans for the family to open Mandela's grave to visitors in a year or so, with plans in place for a visitors' centre and memorial garden, where tourists will be able to walk around the grave and see it from a viewing point.

Tim Singiswa
Mandela sold the nation in South Africa to the illuminati...and handed the country over to the illuminati which swallowed all the white secret societies and clubs and infrastructure...when he told blacks to forget about political empowerment or freedom ...but take economic empowerment...then went-on to drag blacks to Johannesburg so that the former special forces of de klerk can destroy and annihilate the zulus,xhosas and the red ants which is owned by executive outcomes co-founder or a dog of war.this economic empowerment entailed blacks forfeiting their dignity and rights as they were now to empower themselves economically by denying each other dignity and rights and treat each other like dirt!
Posted on 18 Jul 2014 14:46

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