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Sanef comments on resignation of Makhudu Sefara as editor of The Star

The South African National Editors' Forum (Sanef) says it is shocked at the sudden resignation of Makhudu Sefara as Editor of The Star.
(Image extracted from the Sanef website
Sefara's departure was announced by Tony Howard, Independent Newspapers' Deputy Executive Chairman, who said in a statement that the company and Sefara could not agree on how best to use Sefara's talents further in the company. This led to what Howard described as an "amicable and mutually agreed upon" separation. He said both the company and Sefara would not comment further.

Sanef says that "without such further explanation, the terse statement will fuel speculation about what the disagreement in utilising Sefara's skills really means. Sanef is not privy to the details of the issues that brought this sudden resignation by Sefara and can only respect the wishes of the two parties in the matter."

Sefara was re-elected unanimously as Deputy Chairman of Sanef at its Annual General Meeting in Cape Town on June 20. He previously held the position of Chairman of the Media Freedom Sub Committee. He was named Editor of the year at the 2014 National Standard Bank Sikuvile Awards.

Sanef says "Sefara remains deputy chairman of Sanef. We appreciate his commitment to continue to champion all that which the organisation stands for, including media freedom and journalistic integrity."
Nothing to do with the Sanef award presented to Alide Dasnoi which blindsided INL Executive Chairman who then left the function. Perhaps Makhudu Sefara should have brought the good doctor into his confidence about the award but I suppose censorship is not something to be embraced, even at the cost of your job. Well now, the remaining editors at INL are put on notice, FIFO is the name of the game, there is another bully at the helm, do it my way or take the highway. Good Luck Independent.
Posted on 2 Jul 2014 16:22
Tim Singiswa
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Posted on 2 Jul 2014 16:58