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Freshlyground scores world cup anthem

It's been a long road from Mowbray Kaap. But now that Freshlyground is singing the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem (with Shakira), it could just hit the big time. And maybe local artists will stop complaining about their lack of opportunities during the world cup.
It's Time for Africa - that's the name of 2010 World Cup anthem, by Freshlyground and Columbian pop diva Shakira, that's expected to hit the airwaves next week. Freshlyground made the announcement on Friday, 16 April 2010, though so far there's a lack of information.

Did the band have any input in writing the song or will it merely perform it? How long has it been in negotiations with FIFA? Who will own the copyright to the music? (Okay, given FIFA's tendency to slap a trademark on anything remotely connected to soccer or the 2010 tournament, it's not too hard to come up with an answer to that one.)

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