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The Facebook Myth

I am not entirely sure why this particular issue frustrates me so much. As a person who runs their business off social media platforms I am now subjected to puerile statues such as of "Don't tag me in an event I am not part of" and "Facebook is not free advertising". The thing is Facebook is free advertising. That's the essence of it.
Despite what you may think, the purpose of Facebook is not for your family albums and LOL cats memes. The essence of Facebook is to generate billions of dollars in advertising revenue. In fact, according to Tech Crunch 89% of the social media giant's earnings are based on targeting brands to their users.

Finding you on Facebook

As more and more people are freeing themselves from television advertising through the use of streaming and downloads, the big brands need to target us where we spend increasing amounts of our focused attention. This has led them to Facebook.

In the race for user attention, Facebook is king. Mashable breaks down the numbers, "The average US user spent a whopping seven hours and 46 minutes on Facebook in August. That's a full 15.5 minutes the average American spends on Facebook every single day. Compare that to the average Google user, who spent just one hour and 46 minutes on the site." Now that is just an average. I know I (and many people in my age bracket) probably spend a lot more time than that checking updates, viewing pages and reposting images.

Keeping you informed

I'm pretty sure that the people who really keep the advertisers interested are people like me. We post at least 10 times a day and you click "like" without hesitation. We keep you informed about the world around you. We introduce you to new apps. We show you new exciting brands. We power the advertising-fed social machine on which you spend at least 15 minutes a day of your precious time. While most of our actions are seemingly innocent, we are drawing you into the world of big brands.

I know you tell everyone that you hate those ads and little recommendations in your Facebook sidebar, but let's share a secret. Just between you and me. You click on them... don't you?

So in the spirit of keeping the monster alive, tell your annoying Facebook friends (the kind that post half-naked pictures of themselves and constantly talk about the gym) "Welcome to the free advertising generation". The innovators thank you.

About Jessica Lupton

Jessica Lupton is a conceptual fashion and advertising stylist and fashion show producer with the added skill of Art Direction.
Duncan Stevens
I don't think you should tag people in your "Sadvertisements". That's not the way to engender trust. It's like getting that cold-call from a company you've never heard of trying to sell you insurance you don't want or need (ergo, someone passed on your details even though you said, I do not want to hear from 3rd parties). Or the SPAM emails you never signed up for.Not only are you using your poor friends name and their affiliated network to piggy back your product/project on the backs of, you're also taking advantage of them. In my opinion, if your friends want to promote your stuff, they'll share it or Like it. Which actually is a far better endorsement. (Trust me, I know) That's true brand (and yes, YOU are a brand too) loyalty and power.Use your power wisely now ;)
Posted on 7 Mar 2013 07:58
Sean van der Sluis
Just some interesting reading regarding "free advertising" on facebook.
Posted on 7 Mar 2013 13:15
Brian Tristam Williams
You've got it completely wrong. Unfortunately, you are unable to distinguish between free advertising and spam. If you want to advertise to me, get me to "like" your page. I have then opted in for your marketing. If I decide that you are going overboard or offering content of little value, I can always "unlike." That's how "free advertising works." Tag me in stuff that has nothing to do with me, and you will get flagged for spam and quickly find yourself blocked with the rest of the spammers. Sorry if not being a mindless maggot gorging on your low-to-no-quality drivel comes across as puerile, but I'll decide what I use Facebook for. If that's LOL cats, so be it — you are not going to decide that for me. Same goes if you try and sell something on my corporate page for free without permission.
Posted on 7 Mar 2013 13:47
neill hurford
i'm sure her little rant is a send-up. she can't be that arrogant - or stupid
Posted on 7 Mar 2013 14:09
Tembelihle Mangi
I love this, Facebook IS free advertising!! Shove tuff down people's throats if you have to. Most of them just get on the to stalk and try to "keep up with the jones" anyway. If they don't like it they can remove you. I always tell people my facebook page is not a public service, therefore they have no right to complain.
Posted on 8 Mar 2013 10:05