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Joey Rasdien adds to campaign

The selling platform, launched as part of the website in February 2010, has a new advertising campaign that communicates the South African online retailer's new trading platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell their new and used CDs, DVDs, games and books on the site.
Joe Public, the site's communication partner, was responsible for conveying this offer to the public through two television ads and a radio execution to communicate the functional, emotional and experiential aspects of the selling proposition.

The first television commercial casts comedians Joey Rasdien and Darren Maule as friends sitting on a couch watching the romantic epic, Titanic. Maule is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the Titanic sinking and the words, 'FAIL'. They know the words to every scene verbatim. Their comedic abilities are put into action as one is so wrapped up in the movie scene that he turns to the other and leans in for a kiss. What he receives in return is a hard slap in the face and the payoff line, "Time to sell your old DVDs?"

"Since the previous ads featuring Joey were so well received it felt only natural to cast him again. Joey's humour is quirky and is a perfect fit for the brand," says Trevallyn Hall, creative director at Joe Public.

The television ad is supported by a 10-second television sting which focuses on driving the retail message home by reinforcing the client's reasons to believe, namely: 'Easy and safe to sell your stuff with thousands of shoppers ready to buy'. The director is Morgan Dingle and the production house is Hammer Smith and Elephant.

The 30-second and 10-second TV commercials flighted respectively on DStv channels from 26 July to 15 August and on SuperSport HD and M-Net HD from 27 July to 10 August. The 30-second radio ad will be aired on Highveld and 5FM, and the campaign will have a promotional angle featuring two competitions on 5FM.