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Saatchi installs HD technology

On Wednesday 25 March 2009, Saatchi & Saatchi announced it has installed a high definition Polycom videoconferencing system, which is intended to increase creative collaboration between offices, both locally and globally, and improve client turnaround times.
“We are now able to share data from our laptops with each other, either between users in Cape Town and Johannesburg, or with other global offices instantaneously,” says Stephan Carstens, group technology manager at the agency. “We can hook a laptop up to the videoconferencing unit and play PowerPoint presentations, video clips, audio clips, or any other applications running on a user's PC, which can be viewed live.”

For Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, the main benefit is inter-office communication across the globe. “We constantly sit in conference calls with Saatchi & Saatchi and clients in London, about work that we are creating here in SA for Guinness and Malta Guinness,” says Carstens. “We wanted technology that would virtually put our London colleagues and clients into the same room with us.”

The high definition systems that Saatchi & Saatchi have invested in are claimed to be capable of nine times the resolution that traditional systems produce.
Sir Peter Hoy
A true breakthrough in the communications world-
A new videoconferencing setup at Saatchi. This is amazing
Posted on 27 Mar 2009 14:21
King Techno
Phew, thanks for sharing this with us.-
We're really glad you have passed this information on to all of us. Finding it really difficult to tear myself away.
Posted on 27 Mar 2009 17:17
I'm floored. Jealous and floored. Amazing news! The world of advertising has been forever altered.
Posted on 28 Mar 2009 13:00
Can you hear it?-
SFX: Sudden mad frenzied rush of advertising creatives to Saatchi's.
Posted on 29 Mar 2009 23:51
Stardate 2009-
I can't keep up with the futuristic buzz words: powerpoint, video conferencing, laptops. I really like your website too , flexing those high tech muscles.
Posted on 30 Mar 2009 00:01
This Just In-
Slow week on the news desk huh?
Posted on 30 Mar 2009 07:47
Well Done-
I use my video conferencing system every day. It has helped our company hugely. I don't have to travel to my London office as often as I used to. If you do it a lot, living out of a suitcase gets really tired. Have you guys used this new HD video conferencing technology? I think this is the way forward. Well done Saatchi.
Posted on 31 Mar 2009 16:28