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Things we've learnt from 20 years of business

Issued by: Boomtown | 28 Aug 2014 13:23
SMEs are the key drivers of growth for South Africa, and all start-ups begin from humble beginnings - but what is the key to success?
After twenty years working with a range of companies - as well as founding and running its own operations, the Boomtown directors have observed a great deal, and come away with a few thoughts about how to have the best shot at success.

"It's not about above-the-line or below-the-line, but the bottom-line"
- Glen Meier, founding member and coastal MD

"Traditional business acumen and creativity are seldom accepted as good bedfellows. Solid strategic thinking and outrageous creativity are the very foundation stones in which to build market leading success."
- Neil Hart, founding member and chairman

"A concept without emotion is like superman without a cape."
- Andrew MacKenzie, founding member and creative director

"As Confucius says, 'A man is great not because he hasn't failed, a man is great because failure hasn't stopped him.'"- Jane Stevenson, business development director

"Immersive marketing is sticking a new lable on an old bottle of wine. Marketing has been doing it for decades. But while the winemaking process has subtly changed with the introduction of digital and social media, the end product still has to be something the consumer understands and desires."
- Andre Hübner, Gauteng MD

There are so many learnings that have guided the team through their successful and satisfying careers, but ultimately it's the success of its clients that has enabled the Boomtown journey of growth.

Gauteng MD Andre Hübner concludes: "Despite international awards, the real acheivement is that of your customers. It's the same for any business - your clients' journey of growth is your journey of growth - and that's the Boomtown strategy: deliver tangible results, not flashy campaigns which lack substance."

And it works. Boomtown has increased its team by 20% in the last year purely due to its success with its clients, and its new account wins.

"Success isn't just financial gain, it's increasing employment in the communities you serve, it's the sense of pride in your work and being part of a global economy and an influencer in your industry." Adds Glen Meier, Boomtown coastal MD.

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