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Western Cape government adds Mxit to its mix

The Western Cape government has collaborated with Mxit to deliver multiple mobile social network ad campaigns.
Its latest campaign - Breast is Best - attracted 23,000 new users to its brand app in its strides to promote the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of health in mothers and infants.

The department will deliver three topical campaigns to its target community by the end of September 2014.

Unlocks useful information

Following its initial Early Childhood Development Mxit campaign, the latest partnership hones in on Western Cape Mxit users who are LSM 5-7 mothers aged 18-25. Leveraging Mxit's Splash Screen media, the campaign drives users to the app. Once added, the app unlocks access to useful nursing information to assist mothers in breastfeeding for a healthier baby.

Mxit Account Manager, Shauna Fulford explains, "Once users have downloaded Mxit on their phones they simply download the Breast is Best app from the Mxit store and get access to information related to breastfeeding, frequently asked questions and tips. Joining forces with the MediaShop Cape Town and Y&R, the Mxit campaign aims to assist the Western Cape Government to educate young mothers and boost their advertising reach for the key breastfeeding benefits."

Based on the success of the first two Mxit campaigns, the Western Cape Government's Mxit App will be updated to deliver the Women's Health campaign flighting until mid September 2014.