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South Africa's Best Liked Ads

Millward Brown announces South Africa's Best Liked Ads for Q1&2 2014. For over 30 years now, Millward Brown's Best Liked Ads list celebrates the country's favourite TV commercials. These are the ads that are most liked by the South African audience, whom the company believes to be the most important critics, as it they who ultimately choose to buy your brand or not.

1 Gumtree: Gumtree It Net#work BBDO
2 Nokia Lumia 1520: Daughter JWT New York
3 Toyota Corolla: A Car To Be Proud Of FCB Johannesburg
4 Red Bull: World Of Red Bull Kastner & Partners London
5 Jacobs Krönung : Frisbee Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
6 Jik: The Secret The Fourth Wall
7 KFC: Tastes Like Home Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg
8 Cell C: SUPACHARGE Shopper FCB Johannesburg
9 Bells Whisky: The Reader King James
10 Omo Auto Liquid: Hug Me Stain Lowe Istanbul

Click here to see a PDF of all the ads for Q1.

1 Samsung UHDTV: Coliseum CHI & Partners London
2 Mini Cooper: Chain Reaction Heimat
3 Mercedes Benz C Class: The Best Knows No Alternative Net#work BBDO
4 Metropolitan: Nonhlanhla Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
5 Melrose Cheese Strings: Moustache King James
6 Lays Chips: Messi Photo Tiempo BBDO
7 Toyota Corolla Quest: Parking Garage FCB Johannesburg
8 Woolworths: Winter Flavour Woolworths In-house
9 Chicken Licken: Truck Driver Net#work BBDO
10 Nike Football: Risk Everything Wieden & Kennedy

Click here to see a PDF of all the ads for Q2.

Adtrack™ is Millward Brown's proprietary advertising testing system, evaluating the impact and liking of all brand advertising in South Africa over the last 30 years. The resultant database stands at over 90,000 TV adverts tested, and more than 1.2 million interviews conducted, making this database one of the largest of its kind in the world. For more info on Adtrack please contact


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Seriane Morapeli
The Bells Whisky ad touched my emotions because it was so relevant. Well done to all the others.
Posted on 9 Sep 2014 10:11
Virgin activist
I see the errata have been sorted out now...
Posted on 29 Aug 2014 17:30
Double Whammy
Also should be country's (singular) not countries? A double whammy copy mistake?
Posted on 29 Aug 2014 13:16
Bob Broom
Why does this piece begin with the words; "in a double whammy........."? That is normally only applied to something of negative connotations? Please explain???
Posted on 28 Aug 2014 16:06