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New Mandela ad draws viewers to documentary

To promote the documentary 'Nelson Mandela: Redrawn' being shown on the History channel at 8.30pm on Mandela Day, 18 July 2014, A&E Networks UK has created a striking and unique print ad and on-air promo.
The ad weaves together various iconic words and statements that have been used over the years to describe the man and finally creates an image of the man himself. The concept was created by South African Kevin Rixon, who is head of creative for History at its offices in London. Says Rixon, "We took a sample of Mandela's handwriting and turned it into a font to create some of the text used in both the print ad and the on-screen version."

In eight chapters, Madiba's story unfolds in reverse, from the old man to the rural child. This candid documentary weaves its fascinating web with strands from around the world, with storytellers from every corner bringing a unique insight and fresh look into why Mandela was so loved and revered. It reveals the seminal moments that transformed a man into a hero.