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New ad boosts sales of Chicken Licken's Big John burgers

Net#work BBDO has created a new TVC for Chicken Licken's Big John burgers, described as South Africa's first double-decker chicken burger.
Given the brief, "Big John is big value for people with big appetites," from the company's founder, George Sombonos, the team created 'You don't have to be a Trucker to eat like one - or do you?'

Humour has been the trademark of the brand's commercials down through the years. However, according to the buzz, this is the funniest one so far and the humour is already translating into sales. Sombonos says the demand has increased by 25% since the commercial started flighting a week ago.

Group creative chief, Mike Schalit and joint executive creative directors Brent Singer and Jenny Glover played a heavy hand in this ad's creativity.

Ad synopsis

A 'scrawny' looking fellow is on his lunch break with a boring sandwich. A billboard catches his eye. It is a picture of a sky-high chicken burger and the words: "You need to be a Trucker to eat like one." It's the catalyst for the pint-sized man's difficult but determined journey to become and work as a truck driver. While laughing at the ludicrous scenarios, your foot is tapping to the infectious melody penned by Simon Ringrose from Say Thank you Studios. No voice over is needed, the scenes are explicit. Now having met the Big John criteria, he deservedly sits down, in the same spot, to enjoy his huge burger with both hands. A tree branch blows out of the way to better reveal the billboard: "You DON'T need to be a Trucker to eat like one." His facial expression is priceless.