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Fruttare Street Beats brightens festive season

Fruttare fruit ice brought consumers in Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay and Port Elizabeth a memorable and interactive experience as a customised truck surprised both locals and tourists with pop-up performances by Freshly Ground, Jeremy Loops and Goodluck, during late December 2013.
Justine Brett, Ola brand manager says, "We wanted to bring consumers a burst of positive energy with the Beats campaign and get them to taste and smell the various flavours of fruit ice that the product has to offer. As a brand we are very aware that the elements of taste and smell are essential and, rather than blast the consumer with large-scale advertising, we wanted to provide a face-to-face experience that would assist in making an informed decision when purchasing the product."

Merging the best qualities of summer - fruit, refreshment, music and dance - Mike Silver, director of Stretch Experiential Marketing adds, "When selecting artists for the campaign, not only did we opt for award winning and celebrated artists, but those who embody authenticity and high-spiritedness. With these factors in mind, the selected bands were top of mind."

Whilst the artists provided the crowds with stellar performances, brand ambassadors interacted with members of the audience educating them about the product and its natural goodness.

View the Cape Town and Port Elizabeth legs of the campaign.


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