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Five retail errors to overcome

Recent research has shown that less than 50% of new businesses survive beyond their fifth year, as today's business world is more dynamic and competitive than ever...

By Charles Mburugu 2 Aug 2016

SACSC launches centre management education programme

The South African Council of Shopping Centres has introduced a new education programme designed to provide centre management teams with a better overall understanding of the retail environment...

27 Jun 2016

Celebrating real-time retail transformation in action

Retail management training and excellence was celebrated at the annual Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority certificate ceremony at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg...

Issued by Enterprises University of Pretoria 27 May 2016

Invest in training your employees - 6 ways it will pay off for your business

In a difficult economic climate, the training and education budget is often one of the first areas of the business to suffer cutbacks. After all, training can be expensive, takes people away from the work they're paid to do and often delivers benefits that can be hard to quantify...

By Sandra Swanepoel 8 Jan 2016

IHS Cape Town, Durban campuses announce bursary winners

The annual bursary competition, run by International Hotel School has announced the winners from the Cape Town and Durban campuses...

13 Aug 2015

Col'Cacchio pizzeria launches e-learning for staff

Col'Cacchio pizzeria has launched its e-learning staff training platform, which is used as a training tool and provides staff with the resources necessary to develop their restaurant and hospitality skills...

21 Jul 2015

Winner of IHS student business plans

The International Hotel School (IHS) holds its annual Intercampus Hospitality Competition for IHS students based in South Africa, at any phase of their studies...

17 Jul 2015

Building business leaders in the retail sector

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business has developed a new specialisation option designed to support retail managers in difficult economic times - especially those wanting to expand into Africa...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 26 Jun 2015

Workshop series to empower independent retailers

Tungwa Retail Holdings is to hold a series of trade workshops aimed at empowering independent retailers to maximise their businesses in the retail space...

26 Jun 2015

Social enterprise is changing - Neil Robinson

Relate, a South African not-for-profit, recently announced its phenomenal growth by 70% in just one financial year.

By Jessica Taylor 24 Jun 2015

Relinking the chain in supply chain management

Globalisation, effected through high speech technological advancement, has put paid to 'business as usual'. In most industries, these changes have been so dramatic that business models have virtually been made redundant...

By Dr Frances Wright 20 May 2015

'Inside Retail' programme provides real retail knowledge

'Inside Retail', a Woolworths' initiative, targets educators in higher education through a weeklong, embedded course where they gain practical experience of the retail value chain...

18 May 2015

Seed Academy offers programme for developing entrepreneurs

Seed Academy, the school for entrepreneurs has broadened its training offering from a focus on startups to developing entrepreneurs of small and micro businesses...

13 Mar 2015

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