Isaac, Baba Umaru
Isaac, Baba Umaru commented on True Love for West Africa
what it is we got going wrong can be fixed,we can build the nation we got this and can go further, the world need to see nigeria better than what is protrayed be the western media we got all it takes to be what we want to be
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Gordy Oshoko commented on Why some publications are born to perish
Emeka has rightly analysed the magazine publishing business and nailed it with the poor sales figures and low printruns. This has been a problem for a long time.
However, is the solution that should see improved distribution and catch up with the new media wave plaguing the old media.
We provide an ePortal that you can subscribe, read and pay for over 100 magazines in Nigeria. We will also provide digital editions of most of them enabling online reading at lower cost.
This eMedia solution should push us closer to the digital age and guarantee our publishers' place in the electronic age. Check us out at: or do me a mail at:
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Emeka Enyadike
Why some publications are born to perish

Emeka Enyadike[Emeka Enyadike] There seems to be a rush to publish magazines on every subject under the sun and to start newspapers and while this may be a good development given the educational and information value of these publications, what is worrying is their high mortality rate.

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