Peter Mann is a founder of Meropa Communications ( and has been CEO since 1989. He worked for most of South Africa's major newspapers as journalist for 15 years before that. He is a member of the South African Press Council appeals panel; and a trustee of literacy NGO READ. Tel +27 (0)11 506 7300, email , follow @petermann, and connect on LinkedIn.
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Networks' coverage of Paris terror attacks was a hopeless failure

Am I the only one who thinks that global media coverage of the Paris outrage sucked? (video)...

By Peter Mann 13 Jan 2015

Here's something to make your blood run cold

Television advertisers, who know how we hate interruption advertising, and that we head for the loo, turn on the kettle; or simply PVR past the ads; now have a new strategy - they can 'push' the ad content to your mobile phone during ad breaks!

By Peter Mann 16 May 2014

Ne(k)romancers feed on corporate gluttony

What crazy, self-aggrandising, corporate-exploited BS has happened to Nek Nominations, the latest craze sweeping social media.

By Peter Mann 10 Feb 2014

As the economy bites - keep your PR at all costs

The collapsing rand, interest-rate hikes, petrol-price increases, food-price inflation, balance-of-payments deficits - all spell a disastrously tough year for marketers...

By Peter Mann 4 Feb 2014

Keep your laptop closed and your presentation private

The flight from Joburg to Cape Town appeared empty. My aisle seat had two empty spaces in the row until they arrived and proved once again that you should never use your laptop to discuss business on an aircraft.

By Peter Mann 23 Jan 2014

Get lost!

I bottomed out on unwanted, unwarranted, unjustified bullxxxx marketing today when my cell rang with a Cape Town number I didn't recognise. (021 557 **83)

By Peter Mann 19 Jul 2013

Pist off by Pistorius tweets

The flood of comments on Twitter and other social media platforms around Oscar Pistorius highlight the extreme dangers of unmediated social media.

By Peter Mann 14 Feb 2013

Why don't ad agencies advertise? (Part III)

One of the greatest ironies of the advertising industry is that they don't believe in their own product.

By Peter Mann 29 Sep 2012

Why PR practitioners may have more power than ad agencies (Part II)

Even though ad agency bosses and media owners sit on a veritable pile of money, they live in the land of declining returns - where you have to run harder just to stay in the same place.

By Peter Mann 26 Sep 2012

Do PR practitioners have more power than ad agencies? (Part I)

The other day I was asked whether PR practitioners now have more power than ad agency bosses. Brian Berkman who was writing for Advantage magazine kindly told me I could disagree if I wished (I do) and he gave me 200 words in which to do so.

By Peter Mann 20 Sep 2012

Our president needs media training

As President Jacob Zuma surveys the rash of headlines and news stories today lampooning him for blaming apartheid's long-deceased architect, Hendrik Verwoerd, for the current crisis in education in Limpopo; he has only himself to blame. His Verwoerd gaffe on Redi Thlabi's show destroys his credibility.

By Peter Mann 24 Jul 2012

Why Meropa won't be at the PR awards, again...

Luminaries from the public relations industry gathered in Johannesburg on Sunday, 25 March 2012, to celebrate the annual PRISM Awards. Meropa Communications was not among them and - once again - we did not win any awards. You see, I don't believe PR agencies should win awards.

By Peter Mann 23 Mar 2012

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