Matthew Buckland is GM of Publishing at He's the former boss of the M&G Online and co-founder of blog aggregator and group editorial blog Thought Leader. He has spoken locally and around the world on online media issues, including New York, London, Amsterdam, Germany, Dublin and Kenya. He's a prominent blogger, blogging regularly at on new media, Web 2.0 and technology issues.
The great internet radio swindle

All media, online or offline, survive and trade on credibility. Trust is everything and it's possibly more of a factor in a media business than any other type of business. You lose this trust, you close your media business down. Rupert Murdoch closed down one of the largest newspapers in the world when trust was broken. It gets that bad.

By Matthew Buckland 5 Jul 2012

Why Google Buzz will work - sort of

So we have another social/microblogging/lifestreaming service, called Google Buzz. It is, without a doubt, Google's boldest social play yet. Despite dominating pretty much all the key areas of the Internet, it's no secret that social is one area that has eluded the search giant so far.

By Matthew Buckland 15 Feb 2010

Ten questions for Google SA's new head, Stephen Newton

Stephen Newton is South Africa's new Google country manager. An American who has been living in the UK, he's now based in Johannesburg, heading up the local Google office. I asked him 10 questions.

By Matthew Buckland 17 Aug 2009

Future of online advertising lies in collapse of print

It may seem negative to define the growth of a medium against the collapse of another, but here's why.

By Matthew Buckland 26 May 2009

Social network approach to viralising articles

One of the key viral elements of content websites, such as news sites, are the “email to a friend” links you see on many articles. But they're also an outdated viral element.

By Matthew Buckland 5 Mar 2009

[2009 trends] Online predictions for the New Year

We may be in the throes of a global financial crisis, but that doesn't mean we won't see innovation on the web. In fact, leading trend analysis blog Read Write Web reminds us of the old cliché that "tech innovation thrives in times of recession". Tight economic conditions incubate intense creative and lateral thought, because a person's very survival is at stake. And the stakes are high.

By Matthew Buckland 12 Jan 2009

World's publishers face off against Google

Online publishers and newspapers appear to be heading for a face-off with search engine behemoth. Last week, the powerful World Association of Newspapers (WAN) issued a rather terse statement, calling on Google "to respect the rights of content creators" and embrace a new access protocol for search engines visiting websites, known as ACAP.

By Matthew Buckland 17 Mar 2008

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