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Columinate on non-conscious insights as the measure of tomorrow

On Friday, 9 March, I attended the Columinate research presentation on the measure of tomorrow, where I learned that up to 90% of consumers' decision-making is non-conscious. Here's further proof why your brand needs to tap into consumers' non-conscious decisions.

By Leigh Andrews 15 Mar 2018

Kantar Millward Brown announces South Africa's Top 10 Best Liked Ads for Q3 & Q4 2017
Kantar Millward Brown announces South Africa's Top 10 Best Liked Ads for Q3 & Q4 2017

Kantar Millward Brown's Best Liked Ads list celebrates South Africa's favourite TV commercials. These are the ads that have been rated as the best liked by the South African audience whom we believe to be the most important critic - the person who ultimately chooses to buy your brand or not.

Issued by Kantar Millward Brown 15 Mar 2018

Securing a future for fashion - in conversation with Jackie Burger
Securing a future for fashion - in conversation with Jackie Burger

The word 'pollution' may conjure up images of dirty waterways, smog-filled city skies and coal power plants, but seldom is it realised that the very clothing on our backs may be the product of a dirty and dehumanising supply chain.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 15 Mar 2018

#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers
#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers

Marc du Plessis, joint CEO of Spark Media and head of the Publisher Council of the IAB, gave a keynote address at the first edition of Future Ad Africa in Johannesburg yesterday on the subject of brand safety, trust and supporting the independent press.

By Jessica Tennant 15 Mar 2018

Facebook launches Trip Consideration tool
Facebook launches Trip Consideration tool

If you haven't already heard, Facebook recently rolled out a new ad-optimisation programme called Trip Consideration.

14 Mar 2018

Gordon Ray and Jacques Burger of M&C Saatchi Abel.
M&C Saatchi Abel on the power of creativity to change the world

M&C Saatchi Abel's founding partner and ECD Gordon Ray shares the power of work "rich with local insight and executed with heart," while founding partner and chief executive Jacques Burger explains how M&C Saatchi Abel is motoring ahead in 2018.

By Leigh Andrews 9 Mar 2018

#DigitalSummit2018: Championing diversity in digital
#DigitalSummit2018: Championing diversity in digital

Catherine Grenfell, ex-5FM presenter who co-founded and manages The Eye radio station, opened this year's IAB Digital Summit sharing her experience of digital in the radio space in particular. "I've always believed that radio is the most personal, yet anonymous medium," she said. "I also believe that by telling personal stories and experiences, whether, through radio or podcast, you connect with your listeners, but you also connect your listeners to each other."

By Jessica Tennant 5 Mar 2018

The IAB SA's Bookmarks 2018 took place on 1 March at the Kyalami Theatre on the Track.

Encompassing a record 74 categories, the winners of the 10th annual Bookmark Awards were announced at the conclusion of the 2018 IAB Digital Summit, which were both held at The Theatre on the Track, Kyalami, on 1 March 2018.

1 Mar 2018

Human rights activist Annie Raman on Fort Review.
#FortReview: "How creativity can save lives when put to good use" - Annie Raman

Here's how Fort Review is changing perceptions and giving a voice to issues of industry equality, like the welcome rise of purpose-driven marketing, and advertising that goes beyond just punting a product to actually solving a societal issue.

By Leigh Andrews 1 Mar 2018

Andrew Robertson, president and chief executive, BBDO Worldwide.
Warc 100's top campaigns, agencies and brands for effectiveness

The 2018 Warc 100, an annual global index of the world's top marketing campaigns and companies based on their business impact, has been released by Warc.

26 Feb 2018

Image © – Brochure for the Presidents Club Charity Dinner, as seen in the Financial Times video on Youtube. Screenshot from .
#FairnessFirst: #PresidentsClubDinner and #LarryNassar trial light up World Wide Web

This week, social media netizens were appalled by allegations of groping at the recent President's Club fundraising dinner, while celebrating the outcome of the #LarryNassar trial, and Melinda Gates' female startup fund support.

By Leigh Andrews 29 Jan 2018

Churches slate porn TV
Churches slate porn TV

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is "critical" and "unsupportive" of TopTV's application to broadcast three porn channels.

29 Jan 2013

Small players threaten commoditised radio
Small players threaten commoditised radio

Call me nostalgic but South African radio has never topped Capital Radio 604 of the 1980s.

By Gill Moodie: @grubstreetZA 12 May 2010

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