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'Sima and Shakes'-ing up Cremora's ads - not inside, still on top?
'Sima and Shakes'-ing up Cremora's ads - not inside, still on top?

There comes a time when those much-loved classics start to look a little dated. Advertising's no different, with Cremora the latest in the clutch of brands to come up with an ad revival a few weeks ago...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Nov 2014 08:00

Reality check: What can you claim for a frog in a salad?
Reality check: What can you claim for a frog in a salad?

Within minutes of reading the article about the frog found in the Woolies salad, I read a new complaint received by my office about a bolt found in a loaf of bread. The person making the complaint is seeking R35,000 in compensation.

By Neville Melville 19 Nov 2014 15:42

Service: two wrong feet and ugly shoes
Service: two wrong feet and ugly shoes

What a swirl of service-siren crazy we've been treated to. Not the mad kind, the good kind - and finally! Because service is bollocks in South Africa and peeps be getting tired of having to lick their own. Cell C got called out on a massive billboard, another was hitched to the back of a car telling on FNB, there was the tweet-storm around a frog found in a Woolies salad, our home-grown trends analyst set out to anti-trend Fly SAA via his Instagram feed for being delayed, and yours truly let MTN know that the MacBook is mightier than the sword[1].

By Dylan Balkind 19 Nov 2014 08:39

Innovations in aluminium packaging changes consumers' drinking habits
Innovations in aluminium packaging changes consumers' drinking habits

Innovations in the aluminium packaging of beverages in South Africa are changing consumers' drinking habits. Shawn Henning, Analytics Director at BMi Research, says the growing variety of aluminium can sizes, greater choice of brands available in cans, plus increased promotional activity in the canned beverage arena are all contributing factors to the changing landscape.

18 Nov 2014 10:55

Winning with social customer care this festive season - Why Satisfy
Winning with social customer care this festive season

Summer is upon us and I for one am looking forward to chilling by the pool or heading out to the beach. Whilst my thoughts are firmly set on winding down, retailers and e-tailers, of course, are heading in the opposite direction.

By Paul Roberts, Issued by Why Satisfy 17 Nov 2014 13:30

Woolies and the frog that croaked
Woolies and the frog that croaked

NEWSWATCH: Woolworths is in the news because of a frog a customer claims to have found in his Woolies salad, reports Times Live, which also reports Siyaya TV is finally open for business...

17 Nov 2014 08:19

[Mobile360] Geeks versus princess engineers
[Mobile360] Geeks versus princess engineers

The Connected Women conference co-located with the GSMA's Mobile 360 Series-Africa on Wednesday, 5 November, facilitated conversation around accelerating the rise of the female digital economy, which was the theme of this year's event.

By Jessica Taylor 12 Nov 2014 08:38

Claudelle Naidoo
Consumer trust is based on advertiser investment, not expenditure

The media and marketing industry in South Africa is at a crossroads at the moment - the big question being asked from brands/spenders is "How can I get the most reach for my buck?", while media owners are trying to show the best value for money to its clients.

By Claudelle Naidoo 11 Nov 2014 14:00

Milk for the heart gets a facelift

Goodbye Omega 3, hello OméCOL… Parmalat's OméCOL low-fat milk - enriched with essential Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins C, E and B6 - first introduced as Omega 3 milk, is now in a bright new pack sporting a new brand name (but the contents keep to the tried and trusted formulation).

13 Jul 2007 16:01

How music helps memory and retail marketing

Music helps marketers create rich brand-driven experiences within the retail environment, creating strong brand recall and heightening the consumer-brand connection says Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX Music Africa.

13 Jul 2007 15:58

Fast-food franchise chain gains an edge

McDonald's has beefed up its sales and operational reports with new software from the Lightedge software arm, Applied Concepts.

13 Jul 2007 15:56

Campaign aims to make HOPE even more ‘mobile'

‘I Bake, I Care' is a Golden Cloud campaign that promises to boost HOPE Worldwide, a recognised non-profit non-governmental organisation which runs community-based programmes targeted at HIV/ AIDS care, support and prevention efforts for adults and children, to the tune of R1 million!

13 Jul 2007 15:52

Fort Simon wins double victory at Terroir Wine Awards

Fort Simon took two of the six awards from the Stellenbosch district, and Bottelary ward at the second SA Terroir Wine Awards. Last year the estate's wines came first in Stellenbosch for the top Shiraz 2003 and the best red wine in the Bottelary ward.

13 Jul 2007 15:51

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