Six opportunities for SA sports rights holders to consider in 2018
Six opportunities for SA sports rights holders to consider in 2018

As two industry players immersed in the sports world, we asked Sportal and BMI Sport Info to give us some insights into the current state of South Africa's sponsorship market and what it means for rights holders.

Issued by Sportal 1 day ago

Ten years of 99c: What's next for Cape Town's 'Most Admired Agency'?
Ten years of 99c: What's next for Cape Town's 'Most Admired Agency'?

This year marks Ninety9cents' (99c) tenth anniversary since its inception in 2008. Recently recognised by its peers as Cape Town's "Most Admired Agency" in the annual MarkLives Agency Leaders poll, 99c has come a long way in the agency's relatively short existence.

Issued by Ninety9cents 1 day ago

Transit.TV celebrates 10 years
Transit.TV celebrates 10 years

Shamy Naidu, Executive: Transit Ads™, outlines the milestones on the growth trajectory of national digital television channel Transit.TV™.

Issued by Provantage Media Group 1 day ago

The Goddesses of the past and present (Part 1)
The Goddesses of the past and present (Part 1)

Dutch trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort and colleague Philip Fimmano of Trend Union presented their latest trend books for 2019, namely Goddesses (trends S/S 2019), On Safari (activewear S/S 2019) and Spiritual House (home and lifestyle 2019), as part of Design Indaba 2018 at the Lisof: Fashion Design School & Retail Education Institute in Johannesburg yesterday.

By Jessica Tennant 2 days ago

Why Black Panther is such a game-changer
Why Black Panther is such a game-changer

For a film industry enthusiast such as myself, I have never once come across a movie so intensely anticipated by folk outside of movie-going culture. I don't even think your cult classics such as the Star Wars franchise have sparked such interest in the general public across the globe.

By Lerato Serumula 3 days ago

The king is dead! #LongLiveTheKing

I found myself this week justifying the inclusion of television in a launch campaign. Someone check the moon, first Zuma resigns, and now this!

By Quinton Jones 16 Feb 2018

Strydom captions this: “Chilling out in the Smile 90.4FM studios!”
#BehindtheSelfie with... Ewan Strydom

This week, we go behind the selfie with technophile Ewan Strydom - former model, personal fitness trainer, TV presenter and Smile 90.4FM's midday-to-3pm radio host.

By Leigh Andrews 14 Feb 2018

Kerryn Lloyd
Redefining public relations

Ah, public relations, a term that is as vastly used as it is misunderstood. As a professional working in the PR space, I often find that there are still many misconceptions about the PR industry; and while I do find it infuriating, I've recently realised that it's up to us to not only fix this misconception, but also take charge of redefining public relations in totality.

By Kerryn Lloyd, Issued by MANGO-OMC 14 Feb 2018

#Newsmaker: Brendan Cooper talks internal communications
#Newsmaker: Brendan Cooper talks internal communications

Ex-Sports Illustrated editor and Heat magazine editorial director, Brendan Cooper now heads up New Media's internal communications division.

By Jessica Tennant 14 Feb 2018

Speakers: Musa Kalenga, Carmen Murray, Wayne Hull, Heba Sayed, Josephine Buys, Elizabeth de Stadler.
IAB SA Digital Summit speaker lineup announced

IAB SA has announced the provisional speaker lineup for the annual IAB SA Digital Summit, which takes place on 1 March 2018.

31 Jan 2018

Tell the authentic stories of Africa
Tell the authentic stories of Africa

There are so many authentic African stories that aren't being told because they don't fit the "mould" of existing media platforms. We, as Africans, need to own our platforms to start telling our stories in the way we want them to be told.

By Moliehi Molekoa 31 Jan 2018

Thuto Legwale
Extravagant plans for Segaetsho Cultural Village as Thuto Legwale takes the reins

Sun City has partnered with the dynamic Thuto Legwale to take the reins and reignite Segaetsho Cultural Village - meaning "Our Heritage" in Setswana, capturing the essence of the centre where visitors can explore the diverse heritage and history of the North West Province - and aims to offer visitors an authentic African experience, with traditional music, crafts and indigenous games. The partnership aligns with Sun International's commitment to the advancement of sustainable communities by supporting small and medium enterprise development

29 Nov 2017

A renaissance in the Mother City

The increase of agency mergers in Cape Town - the White House and Johannesburg's AM-C formed DDB SA, the 3D Agency and IMA came together as Blueprint, and Young & Rubicam acquiredTholet Sievers to form Y&R Tholet - has played a big role in the renaissance of Cape advertising which began last year.

27 Jun 2001

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