#YouthMonth: Adriana Marais on moving to Mars
#YouthMonth: Adriana Marais on moving to Mars

24 women and men, as part of the Mars One project, will soon be selected from the current shortlist of 100 candidates to begin training full-time for a one-way mission to Mars. Set for 2026, South Africa's Adriana Marais, who made it through the third round of the selection process, is eager to pack her bags for the Red Planet.

By Sindy Peters 4 hours ago

Step by step post-launch app marketing plan
Step by step post-launch app marketing plan

Launching an app is not as simple as just creating it and making it available for download. I mean, sure, you can do it that way, but it will get no attention and hardly anyone will ever download it or rate it well enough for it to make it to a visible spot.

By Siya Carla 22 hours ago

Marlon Davids appointed as MD of e.tv channels
Marlon Davids appointed as MD of e.tv channels

eMedia Investments has appointed Marlon Davids as the MD of e.tv. He has been Acting Managing Director since April 2016.

Issued by e.tv 3 days ago

Tips on how YouTube videos can drive consumers to purchase your product
Tips on how YouTube videos can drive consumers to purchase your product

Today's consumer need to stay informed about your product offering and what the benefits of purchasing those products are. You need to find consumers where they are and progressively this is the digital realm - online.

By Nicola Graves 3 days ago

Boris Dzhingarov
Learning to engage your clients more effectively

One of the most important things that successful businesses know is how to effectively engage their clients. This helps keep them satisfied, which helps keep them coming back for more. The more they come back, the more money your business makes. Plus, the more you engage your clients, the more likely they are to share their great experiences with your company with their friends and family.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 23 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: Airbnb's 'connected disruption' model
#CannesLions2016: Airbnb's 'connected disruption' model

Brian Chesky cofounder and CEO of Airbnb, kicked off his keynote presentation at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity with the following rather staggering quote: "Tonight in Cannes, 5,100 people are staying at Airbnb and 1.3million people are staying in an Airbnb somewhere in the world."

By Ann Nurock 21 Jun 2016

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#CannesLions2016: Badger and Winters - Women are not objects

In 2011 Madonna Badger, a successful advertising executive lost her three daughters and mother in an Xmas house fire. "I lost everything, but thankfully I did not lose my mind." She says seven years later.

By Ann Nurock 20 Jun 2016

The firefighters: the nexus between personal and national reputation
The firefighters: the nexus between personal and national reputation

The deployment of South African firefighters in Canada impacted positively on the country's brand and reputation. Our firefighters, with the expertise to work with the Canadians to fight massive and unrelenting fires, highlighted an area of South African competence, excellence and competitiveness. The team was celebrated and welcomed warmly in Canada by citizens, domestic and international media. Their unceremonious departure from Edmonton equally attracted significant media attention and public comment.

By Manusha Pillai 20 Jun 2016

You have a better chance of catching a unicorn than ranking #1 on Google (Part 1)
You have a better chance of catching a unicorn than ranking #1 on Google (Part 1)

The blatant audacity that this article suggests, probably doesn't sit well with those of you still chasing that elusive position of organically ranking at #1 in Google, or those of you who have paid an agency or SEO to rank you at #1.

By Dee Stephens 17 May 2016

Berry Bush breathes down O&M's neck

In a race to become the largest advertising agency in the Cape, Berry Bush BBDO maintains that it is fast closing in on O&M Rightford, while John Montgomery, O&M's Cape MD, is "happy to accept the challenge".

23 Jul 2001

New bursary for needy digital media students

Tinderbox, a division of Prism Holdings, has introduced a new bursary for students of digital media. The bursary will be awarded annually to needy students that show extraordinary talent.

16 Jul 2001

Geo-Targeting: Online Advertisers' Newest Strategy

Geo-targeting, or IP targeting, enables a website to recognize, in real time, a visitor's geographical location. Armed with this knowledge, companies are now looking to structure their site content and language to be more ethnically appropriate. Alex, a guest columnist for I-strategy, discusses the merits and demerits of geo-targeting on IP addresses.

12 Jul 2001

Online Ad Measurement Systems Inaccurate in their Reflections

Steve Gold, of Newsbytes.com, London, reports that in a European study run by Just-sites.com it has been found that websites are underestimating the number of page hits and responses that their banners and other adverts generate. Also, advertisers could be falling short of their potential page hits by up to 50 percent.

10 Jul 2001

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