Sherry Zameer
Security a prerequisite for IoT success

Security a prerequisite for IoT success[Sherry Zameer] The Internet of Things, regarded as the hottest topic in high-tech, is attracting the attention of countless enterprises across multiple industries...

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Neil Cameron
IoT: the land of opportunity

IoT: the land of opportunity[Neil Cameron] The worldwide web, a place most of us are familiar with, is populated by 2.5 billion people who go online to stay in touch, find information, entertainment and shopping...

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Quinton Pienaar
Hyper-connected world fuelling a retail revolution

Hyper-connected world fuelling a retail revolution[Quinton Pienaar] With predictions that by 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices, according to Gartner, an almost 30-fold increase from 2009 when there were...

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Dina Destreza
Is the Internet of Things the next big thing for mobile app companies?

Is the Internet of Things the next big thing for mobile app companies?[Dina Destreza] The concept of IoT seems like something out of science fiction, but as technology and mobile apps become more advanced, clearly the worlds of science fiction are not too far off...

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Sherry Zameer
Subscribers' quality of experience: bridging the gap between perception and reality

Subscribers' quality of experience: bridging the gap between perception and reality[Sherry Zameer] Consumers and citizens are growing increasingly dependent on mobile networks. The performance of these networks may not always meet the expectations of consumers...

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Manfred Kube
Business impact of the Internet of Things

Business impact of the Internet of Things[Manfred Kube] Machine-to-Machine is about the ability to remotely collect data from devices and use this data in real-time to make more informed business decisions...

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Peter Melerud
The Internet of Things is on its way... Brace yourself...

The Internet of Things is on its way... Brace yourself...[Peter Melerud] The scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) is huge. Internet-connected devices are growing exponentially. The number of devices that the typical enterprise worker uses sometimes outnumbers the user 8:1, with the average non-enterprise consumer not far behind. Because of this paradigm, organisations are investing heavily in an effort to leverage IoT and bring new productivity tools and solutions to market...

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Aaron Thornton
Three security issues to consider when using public Wi-Fi

Aaron Thornton[Aaron Thornton] Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere nowadays - and while it's convenient to use, there are hidden security risks you should know about...

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Peter Davidson
Top free Android apps

Peter Davidson[Peter Davidson] Navigating the Android app market can be daunting, unless you know exactly what apps you are looking for. Searching for a particular type of app can sometimes yield hundreds of results, without you knowing which ones might be better than others.

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Dr Pieter Streicher
Stopping information overload in its tracks

Dr Pieter Streicher[Dr Pieter Streicher] It used to be said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. I think most of us can add a third to that list: too much information. We are constantly connected, constantly reachable, and it becomes very difficult and time-consuming to filter the important, need-to-know information from the deluge of advertising and cat videos.

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Mitchell Barker
SA's LLU caught in a continuous loop

Mitchell Barker[Mitchell Barker] Despite claims to the contrary by the country's Department of Communications (DoC), broadband penetration in South Africa remains extremely low, which is hindering the country's socio-economic growth. The DoC is being questioned about figures it released as fact in February this year, stating that it had reached its 7% target of broadband penetration growth per year.

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Tim Wyatt-Gunning
Is what I e-see what I e-get?

Tim Wyatt-Gunning[Tim Wyatt-Gunning] Many of you will have been gorging yourselves on e-commerce services for a while, downloading all the music, movies, TV series and news services that you desire. A few of you might even have paid for some of them. It's brilliant, isn't it?

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Karl Reed
A new era dawns for IPA

Karl Reed[Karl Reed] Full Interaction Process Automation (IPA) has long been a dream of enterprises everywhere, but until now, the 'rip and replace' factor has stood in the way of achieving it.

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Jed Hewson
What the Kings of Cloud have in common

Jed Hewson[Jed Hewson] If you were to ask a roomful of IT professionals what the cloud is, and whether businesses should move some (or all) of their processes to the cloud - you are likely to get a diverse range of answers.

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Rihana Hoosain
Technology advancements allow small business growth

Rihana Hoosain[Rihana Hoosain] A common cause of business failure is overinvestment in fixed assets; the high costs associated with purchasing, setting up and managing infrastructure, hardware and software can be daunting and detrimental to the cash required to fund the growth of the business.

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Paddy Hartdegen
Google + now open to everyone

Google + now open to everyone[Paddy Hartdegen] Google +, the social networking platform aimed at competing with Facebook has been opened to everyone after the company dropped its "invitation only" restrictions.

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