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Media@SAfm to highlight Steers R10 burger promo

This Sunday, 17 June 2012, the programme for Ashraf Garda's Media@SAfm show, 9am-11am on 104-107 FM nationwide, will include:
  • The Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) and the Print Media SA (PMSA) which have reached a collaboration agreement. What does this mean for both industries?
  • Darren Scott of Ballz Radio and Richard Hardiman of 2OceansVibe Radio on whether or not internet radio is effective
  • Branded feature: The new CEO of VWV, Kingsley Potter
  • Val Bourdos of Steers on the franchise's R10 burger ad and the positive and negative public response
  • Sarah Probert, BlackBerry's director: Marketing & Communications on the BlackBerry global campaign
  • Beatrice Le Coutre on Answered Insights on the launch of a revolutionary mobile research tool
  • Editor, Buli Mgojo on Looch Magazine's one year anniversary and
  • International marketer Antoine Houtsma's thoughts on marketing trends
Send advance comments or questions to or , Facebook or @ashrafgarda1 on Twitter.